TAL 41: Living in a state of flow with Brandon Epstein

This episode is a discussion with Brandon Epstein from EntrepreneurFitness.com on his view of what it means to live a truly amazing life.

We get into Flow, Growth, Comfort Zones, and Contribution.

He’s a fitness and health expert, but that’s just the foundation for living a truly amazing life according to Brandon.

Listen in now for a great discussion.

Connect with Brandon

Brandon Epstein is a health and performance coach, as well as the host of the top ranked health podcast ‘The Entrepreneur Fitness Podcast’. His mission is to help entrepreneurs live a life of flow. That entails mastery over one’s physical, mental and emotional fitness. To learn more about living a life in flow or to connect with Brandon personally – head over to his site EntrepreneurFitness.com 


Interview Transcript


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