TAL 24: Matt Shoup – Live A Life Of Impact

_Circle of Imapct ClosedMatt Shoup is an amazing entrepreneur and is on a mission to help people live a life of impact.

In the call Matt said “I was one of the most ‘successful’ failures for a long time.” And that really struck me and resonated with me.

He takes us back through his story of business success combined with a certain emptiness. Perhaps selfishness, and seeing a vision of his own funeral that woke him up to changing his life from a life of “success” to a life of impact.

Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, this call is packed with wisdom from Matt about what it means to live a life of impact in general.

This is a Truly Amazing Life – and we can all live it that way. Matt shares key ideas and resources to help us on that path.

He references the ‘Circle of Impact’ on the call, and this is what he is talking about, so you get a nice visual of it.

He gets into the details of what that this circle of impact means in depth on the call and I’m looking forward to sharing that with you.

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Interview Transcript

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