TAL 23: Emily Filloramo on True Success and Happiness

Emily Filloramo is a wonderful example of someone living a truly amazing life.  She embodies all of the 12 pillars in so many ways!  It’s remarkable.

Here are some highlights of this inspiring conversation with Emily:

“Can you look yourself in the mirror and say I truly love you with all my heart!

She taught that getting yourself to the point of being able to say that allows you to experience success and joy right now in your life despite the circumstances.

And that is exactly in line with the 12 Pillars of a TAL…specifically the pillar of ‘Remember who you are!’  It is so key to your happiness and joy.

She also said:

“Happiness is in risks and the unknown.  And you are able to take risks.”

I loved this also…because it’s so true that we’re never going to find true fulfillment and happiness sitting inside our comfort zone all the time.

Listen to the call and let me hear what you think!

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Interview Transcript

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