TAL 13: John Bly never has a bad day and shows us how to stop taking life so seriously.



Ever wonder what’s really going on in the mind of that person who is always smiling?

I admit, sometimes I have wondered how sincere some people are at times, or whether they just smile all the time to mask some pain or discomfort.

In today’s episode we get the privilege of hearing from someone who never has a bad day.

John Bly is almost always smiling, and is one of the happiest, most fun, lovers of life I have ever met.

It was a pleasure to dive into his brain and see what makes him tick…why is he so dang happy all the time!

There’s a LOT to learn from John – who sees all challenges as opportunities and happiness as a choice.

On the call we also discuss:

– The secret to a good and happy marriage

– The critical importance of good parenting on shaping a child’s life

Listen up!

Quotes from John

“It’s just one day.   There can’t be anything that bad that happens in a day.  You just move on and you have another good day the next day.”

“Happiness is a choice.  Each day trying to wake up and say today is going to be a good day, you’d be surprised at that saying.  You hear people say, “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning”. Happiness starts the first minute you wake up.  I don’t ever have a problem getting out of bed.  I don’t ever have a problem getting my day started.  And it’s a choice.  It all starts the first minute, if your day starts bad, it’s a tough uphill climb.”

Take the smile challenge:

Do every single thing you do today with a smile!  Just give it a shot.

Then come back and post a comment…let us know how it went.

Connect with John

John’s Business: http://CPAResults.net

John’s contact info: Johnbly (at) cparesults.net

Top Book Recommendations from John

Life, Don’t Miss It…I almost did – Gary Kunath

Enjoy The Ride – Steve Gilliland

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Interview Transcript

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