Some new A to Z’s plus 1st Breakthrough Videos with Nick Breau

Thanks to everyone for the amazing response last week to the breakthrough questions.

Down below are links to the first EFT session Nick and I recorded…topic is ‘how to overcome the fear of failure’.

Published today and ready for you now!

But first…Here’s a few more letters in the A to Z of a Truly Amazing Life.

I’ve got just 4 more emails to complete it…so doubling and tripling to make it happen:


What is true love? Unconditional love.

A gift all can give to oneself and all others, and the greatest gift of all.

Full of mercy, forgiveness, patience, and understanding.

Not requiring anything of anyone, it’s a heart of compassion regardless of misdeeds or offense, which sees through all the masks and straight to the soul which all yearn for love.

Love can be given despite the circumstance. Simply think “I Love you” toward all. Give it a chance. You’ll get caught by love’s spell and get lost in the trance because each life it flows through love will instantly enhance.


Remember who you are. Look into your eyes. You will shed tears of joy each time you realize.

There is power and joy in remembering who you are and it is essential to true happiness. Forgetting this alway brings unhappiness.

But you can always remind yourself.

Just look in the mirror and ask “who are you?”

Allow answers to flow and keep asking until you feel the complete joy of knowing that you are an infinite, joyful, powerful, loving, and creative being!

Ironically forgetting yourself by serving others is the other sure-fire way of reconnecting to the real you.


Are you escaping thinking?

When you fear the silence in your mind you fill it as fast as possible.

As with all fear it’s best to confront.

Go to the silence. See what you find. Be still and direct your own thoughts with your mind.

Defaulting to others thinking for you as they please is sacrificing your creative power for the sake of ease.

Every thought you dwell on creates your life experience.

When you clutter your mind with meaningless distraction that precious moment to create a beautiful new reality is lost forever.

Your thoughts create your life.

Choose wisely.

Here’s a link to the complete list of the AtoZ so far

And now, on the negative emotion and breakthrough work we’ve been working on with Nick Breau…here are the two videos we published for you today.

Intro to EFT and what we’re doing – (6 Min)

[vid 1]

How To OVERCOME the Fear of Failure – (9 Min)

Click Here For the Blog Post With These Videos

This is a trial experiment, those of you who experience a lot of frustration about not achieving your goals in any area, please give me your feedback on how this works for you!

Or if it doesn’t work at all for you!

I need to know if this is helping so I know whether to keep providing stuff like this for you.

But give it a chance.

This could appear totally new and/or cheesy to you or both.

You may think its totally weird.

the question is…do you want results? How will you get them if you don’t give thinks an open-minded try?

Later this week we’ll be posting 2 more videos.

The next one’s on how to reduce or eliminate FRUSTRATION.

Then the topic of Self-worth, which is the 2nd most common challenge I hear from the TAL Community.

Let me know what you think

Make today amazing!

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