Remember how FAST things can change

A great friend Dan recently joined the TAL community and sent me this:

“What I like about your blog is many people I follow on my weekly podcasts like Joel Osteen are very positive and uplifting but they sometimes fail to mention that life is hard at times and it is okay!

It’s okay to cry at times. We will get down sometimes. It will be HARD.

But if we focus on the blessings we do have it is all relative and we can be happy.”

Now those are words of wisdom from Dan…

Thanks Dan!


And that’s just what was on my mind today actually.

And now…a true story from the ‘Aaron’ chronicles of about…6 weeks ago…


A ‘lazy’ Saturday morning…and I am feeling ‘off’.


Low energy, low will-power, low motivation to do…anything.

Often my immediate reaction to stress, overwhelm, or just feeling low…

…is to go eat something.

It’s an auto-urge.

I don’t always DO it.

But I almost always feel it.

(until just last month, but that’s another story)


Not sure where it comes from…but it happens like clock-work.

So I guess that’s called emotional eating?

That’s what I’ve called it.

I have felt it in varying strength throughout my life.


It’s particularly strong this sunny Saturday.


My mind knows exactly what to do: Go exercise. Move your body. You will feel better.

And my ‘other’ mind wants NOTHING to do with that.

My logic and emotions are totally opposed, duking it out up in my head, down in my heart, sucking me dry of energy.

I wander around the house nearly paralyzed with the blah.


Then I snap up and force it (attempt to anyway)…pack my bag and head out to the Rec center to go for a quick swim.

Half my mind dragging the other half out the door kicking and screaming.



I’m out the door!

Moments later I’m strolling the halls of…

King Soopers?

What the heck am I doing in this grocery store?

Why…scouring the aisles for something super tasty to stuff in my mouth that is definitely NOT recommended by my doctor of course!

What else??

Flashbacks now ensuing of days of yore and my daily escapes from the frustration of a ‘bad sales’ run with the soothing comfort of a chocolate cake donut (or 2) and strawberry milk as I pass the donut racks.

… to be continued in the morning…

(…this doesn’t end how you think… 😉 )



You’ll see tomorrow how fast things can change though…and if you ever feel like you’re the only one out there who gets blindsided by the life sucking negativity clouds…think again.

You’re not alone.

We all deal with this stuff.

That’s why we need to support each other to rise above, so we can keep living amazingly every day and not let ourselves get sucked off into a vacuum of negativity that takes us months or years to recover from.

At some times in life it becomes a daily battle of vigilance as I know MANY of you can attest to.

For now…remember what Dan said: “if we focus on the blessings we do have it is all relative and we can be happy.”




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  1. Tricia Clark Reply

    I am a new member of the TAL community and I am so glad to have found you!

    I came across your book while idly browsing through books for my Kindle on Amazon. It turned out to be one of those timely synchronistic gifts from the Universe for which I have given thanks each day since! At that time I was finding life difficult having lost my Mum to cancer on Dec 6th 2013. The rest of December had been an ordeal, all the more so because 20th December would have been my parents 61st wedding anniversary and only last year we had enjoyed a big family celebration for their Diamond Anniversary on that date. Then there was Christmas, followed by my Dad’s birthday on 27th December and then, of course, New Year – none of which any of us felt like celebrating. All I could feel was the sadness of her loss and the pain of the manner of her passing which, from diagnosis to end was only 12 immensely challenging weeks during which I nursed my Mum, and cared for and supported my Dad, 24/7 in their own home because, having been together almost daily since they met 64 years before, they desperately wanted to be together at home with family around them in those final months. So, my 80yr old Dad and I cared for Mum at home by ourselves with no help from outside carers.

    After Mum passed away I was miserable and had lost all enthusiam for anything. Understandable. But it was more than that – I felt an emptiness I could not explain. What I was struggling to understand was why, tho’ I was now not facing those oftentimes grueling daily challenges of caring for someone you love who is dying of cancer, I felt so much worse. ‘Normal’ life suddenly seemed incredibly empty. That’s grief I thought – but it seemed so much more than that. And then I read your book…….

    And I realised that life did indeed suddenly feel empty not just because I was (and am still) missing my lovely Mum but because I was missing so much more: I was missing
    – waking up each morning with a sense of purpose that was more important than myself i.e. to make every moment of my Mum’s life as comfortable and loving as possible, filled with all her favourite things and people.
    – spending each day giving and loving unconditionally no matter how challenging the circumstances
    – needing to rise to overcome heartbreaking challenges for someone else’s sake
    – being made aware of how the simplest of things become precious when you lose them, like the taste of food, or being able to go outside and breathe fresh air or just get out of bed
    – being caused to dig really deep emotionally, to tap into strength I did not know (or had forgotten) I had

    I realised that those months caring for my Mum were both the worst and the very best of my life. Completely out of my comfort zone and pushed to the limits of my endurance physically, emotionally and spiritually, yet I felt MORE in ever way, more connected to loved ones and to the Universe, more guided, more loved and supported than ever before, more appreciative of even the simplest things, MORE ALIVE…… And then Mum died and ‘normal’ life resumed……until the Universe gave me your book and TIATAL and then I understood.

    Most of this stuff is not new to me: I have been very actively engaged in self development, both personally and professionally, for most of my life, meditation, affirmations, self awareness techniques, practising gratitude etc have been the tools of my trade for most of my adult life. But I seem to have ‘fallen asleep’ since retiring four years ago. It seems that once I stopped contributing I stopped growing. I lost a sense of purpose and, although I do really have an amazing life, travelling the world and coming back to a lovely home, good friends and loving family, I forgot to really experience, enjoy and value it and was taking it all for granted.

    So I thank you for the reminder of your book and I thank my lovely Mum for all that she taught me in life and for reminding me even through her final weeks and her death that no matter what the circumstances This Is A Truly Amazing Life!

    Best wishes, Tricia Clark (UK)

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing that Tricia! And for being a part of the TAL Community. It’s so great to hear your faith-filled thoughts and choices despite life’s challenges!

  3. David Peek Reply

    Just discovered tal…….hope and pray it will be transformational.

    • Glad you are here David! I hope the same, and look forward to having you in the community.

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