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Think – Day 4 – Meditation is the FASTEST way to counteract our daily stresses.

“He who has conquered weakness, and has put away all selfish thoughts, belongs neither to the oppressor nor oppressed. He is free” – James Allen, As a man thinketh

You are on the freedom path!  Meditation is the main method for conquering weakness and subduing selfish thought.

How are you doing?  Did you sit and meditate for at least one minute?

How about 5 or 10?  Did you make it to 15 or 20?

It’s tough asking this because some are already at the place where it is an absolute pleasure to meditate and you would do it for hours if you could justify the time.

Others find that sitting still and quieting the mind for 2 minutes is a monumental challenge.

Wherever you are currently is perfectly great!  The goal is simply to go deeper and improve from where you are.

Whatever you were able to do yesterday is wonderful, as long as you did any meditating at all yesterday you are on the right path.

If you did not sit for at least one minute, I must ask you why not?

What’s holding you back?  Please don’t accept NONE as an answer from yourself today.

Do whatever you need to do to make the commitment to yourself.

It’s OK if you haven’t committed up until now…forgive yourself.  But whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to go another day this month without keeping this one commitment to yourself.

You can do it!  Everyone can meditate for at least ONE minute each day.

Yes, it’s ideal to do 10-20 minutes…but you’ll never get there if you don’t start each day.

If you are not 100% sold on WHY you need to meditate, you just need to trust me for now and DO IT.

You will become more and more convinced of the importance and power of meditation as you take action and as you listen to the daily messages for the rest of the month.

The goal this month is that by the end you are a new person owning a deeper habit of meditation practice as a way of life for the rest of your life…

I know how immensely valuable this way of life will be for you.

You will know it too, soon…if you don’t already.

I’ve started the month with Dr. Herbert Benson’s work because for me this was a critical turning point…it gave me a scientific health reason to practice meditation.

For some reason my mind needed that in order to finally have the motivation to make it a daily commitment.

As you become deeply convinced of the value of meditation, you will notice yourself drawn to it rather than avoiding it.

I hope this month’s training gives you the rocket boost of motivation you need to launch you into orbit with this habit.

Now, a bit more depth from Dr. Benson:

He proved with scientific studies that meditation decreases oxygen consumption, lowers your blood lactate, and lowers your breath rate…and it does all this in as little as 3 minutes and definitely within the first 10 minutes!

All of those things are amazing for your mental and physical well-being.

That is a very key thing to remind your analytical mind!

Because believing and knowing that even 3 minutes has positive affect in your life will remove overwhelm of ‘not enough time’ and enable you to get this habit going…

…here’s what the doctor said:

Blood-lactate levels fall rapidly within the first ten minutes of meditation. This is consistent with decreased activity of the sympathetic nervous system, the system that is activated during the fight-or-flight response.” – Dr. Herbert Benson

We are dragged into fight-or-flight consistently by simply being alive in the world…there is constant stimulation everywhere.

And when our bodies are in that mode constantly without a break, the stress becomes toxic and causes problems over time.

Meditation is THE FASTEST WAY to counteract stress by putting your body into the ‘parasympathetic’ state, or the ‘Relaxation Response’.

“If increased lactate is instrumental in producing regular attacks of anxiety, the finding of low levels of lactate in meditators is consistent with their reports of significantly more relaxed, less anxious feelings.” – Dr. Herbert Benson

Lower anxiety and a more relaxed, peaceful life are highly likely outcomes as you develop the habit of practicing meditation regularly.

“If you view the Relaxation Response as a mechanism that effectively counters some of the harmful psychological and physiologic effects of our society, then the regular practice may have an important place in your life.”

“If you would regularly elicit this response, build it into your daily existence, the situations that activate your sympathetic nervous system could be counteracted.”

“Unlike the fight-or-flight response, which is repeatedly brought forth as a response to our difficult everyday situations and is elicited without conscious effort, the Relaxation Response can be evoked only if time is set aside and a conscious effort is made.” – Dr. Herbert Benson (The Relaxation Resposne)

So, practice meditation today.

Don’t let the ‘everyday situations of the world’ control your state.

Be the master of your fate.

Make Today Amazing!