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Think – Day 15 – The delight of a trusted mind

“Few delights can equal the presence of one whom we trust utterly.” – George MacDonald

Today I want to bring your awareness to your two selves and discuss the relationship of trust between you two.

Being aware of this relationship first, and then cultivating a relationship of trust, will bring you delight more consistently that just about anything else in life, because…

…wherever you go…there you are!

Many people’s unhappiness in life is rooted in a poor relationship between these two selves.

In ‘the Inner Game of Tennis’ Tim Gallwey makes the distinction between our ‘Self 1’ and ‘Self 2’ as he calls it.

Self 1 is our ‘conscious teller’ and Self 2 is our ‘automatic doer’.

One of the biggest reasons we struggle in life at anything we are trying to do is because our Self 1, the one calling the shots, simply does not trust our Self 2 to perform its job.

So we feel overwhelmed, burdened, and unhappy.

Without trust between the two, Self 1 tires easily and despairs, and Self 2 is un-empowered, belittled, and either fails to perform or out-right rebels against the tyrannical nature of self 1.

Without trust, Self 1 feels like it needs to micro-manage Self 2, constantly telling it what to do, what to think, and quite frequently berating it in language we would never be caught dead speaking to others out loud, but for some reason we justify condemning our own selves with.

Many people simply don’t love themselves; they say to themselves ‘you’re so stupid. Idiot! Why did you do that?’ or worse.

Who are they speaking to in that case?

The miraculous part of themselves that is directly connected to their spiritual source and manages to operate the entire intricate human system flawlessly and effortlessly – breathing, moving blood, healing itself, all without our conscious awareness!!

Is that self really stupid? Of course not!

Our subconscious, automatic doer Self 2 is amazingly capable beyond our wildest comprehension.

So what to do?

We simply need to start giving a bit more trust to our ‘self 2’, and getting out of our own way.

“Reflect on the silent intelligence of your body and the arrogant mistrust we have of Self 2 will begin to dissolve. As self 1 learns to let go, a growing confidence in the ability of Self 2 emerges.” – W. Tim Gallwey

When we don’t trust our amazing subconscious automatic doer self, we introduce an enormously taxing burden on our conscious ‘teller’ self.

In meditation practice this shows up as a feeling of needing to suppress all of self 2’s automatic thinking.

The trick is to stop viewing your judgmental thoughts as a reflection of who you are.

Trust that your beautiful mind will begin naturally and spontaneously producing beautiful, creative, loving thoughts as you give it space and allow your true nature to shine forth.

By resisting, suppressing, and getting upset with your thoughts, you are not trusting your SELF.

Our ‘Self 1’ conscious mind is not capable of lifting the heavy burdens that our intricate and amazing subconscious habit forming ‘self 2’ mind can.

It’s time we start trusting our ‘self 2’ to do its job.

“Developing a basic trust in yourself to listen to and consider your thoughts and feelings with genuine honor is an integral part of meditation training.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Instead of berating yourself, or judging yourself as incapable of concentration because you notice your mind wandering through all sorts of random or even negative thoughts…how about this approach:

Honor your feelings and intuition.

Observe the thoughts that are flying around, and choose to respect and TRUST your body, your mind, and yourself by allowing them to be there without judging them.

-Perhaps your mind needs to release those thoughts for some reason?

-Perhaps there is a natural flow that is leading to something important?

-Perhaps if you will open your heart and listen, rather than condemning the thoughts taking place, maybe there is something you can learn about yourself from this?

Just observe, and give the gift of trust to yourself today.

“Ultimately, I still have to live my own life, every moment of it. In practicing mindfulness, I am practicing taking responsibility for being myself and learning to listen to and trust my own being” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Your subconscious thinker and doer is YOU also – self 1 is not the only YOU. And self 2 is more amazing than you can even know.

Allow it to think its thoughts, observe non-judgmentally, then just move your attention back to your breathing and your word.

“The best proof of love is trust.” – Joyce Brothers

As you give trust to yourself, you give love, and much that is wonderful will result from this gift to yourself…starting with the delight of inner peace in your relationship with you.

Make Today Amazing.