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Succeed – Day 9 – Filling your life with energy and vigor and removing resistance.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” – Robert Byrne

Yesterday we spoke of just choosing a purpose and getting started.

That is very important – waiting around doesn’t do any good.

But I also want to encourage you to remain open to listening to the direction your heart calls to you…

…And don’t just choose a goal that other people think you should do, or that is ‘acceptable’ to your parents, your partner, or your friends.

When you choose your purpose, you will likely feel like you ‘discovered it’ because a ‘worthy goal’ for you will feel REALLY good to you.

That FEELING REALLY GOOD part is a great indicator that you have found something that aligns with your unique and special purpose on earth.

So what can you do to get more aligned with the TRUE YOU?

I see this as the same as aligning myself with God’s will for me.

It is what feels deeply right for me, in my soul, and brings a feeling of peace, even if the thing seems completely daunting in its challenge.

And this alignment brings many amazing benefits.

The author and spiritual teacher David Hawkins spoke of alignment this way: “Alignment of one’s goals and values with high-energy attractors is more closely associated with genius than anything else. Genius can be more accurately identified by perseverance, courage, concentration, enormous drive, and absolute integrity–talent alone is certainly not enough.”

The high-energy attractors he speaks of are things like love, service, and giving in big ways.

In this alignment, we tap into genius, which contains all those other amazing qualities…

The enormous drive, the integrity, the concentration…all of these are beautiful outcomes you experience when you align yourself with the TRUE YOU…which is the most worthy goal.

So…HOW do you get yourself aligned?

Spend time writing.

That’s the fastest way I have ever found.

To discover what speaks to your soul, you must align with your deepest motivations…your ‘why’.

Grab your journal and write this, “What one thing I could do to bless others in big ways?” Then ask, “Why would I love that?”

Write the answers.

Then ask why to your ‘why’ answer.

Like this, “Why would that feel good to me?”

Write that answer.

Ask why to your why 10 times if you have to…until the answers start circling back on each other.

When you get emotional, and you feel a deep longing to do that thing, you can be sure it is aligned with who you truly are.

Then you have pure desire.

Write that vision in a clear sentence…why do you do what you do??

Then, anything you choose to do, just make sure it lines up with that WHY that is so uniquely true to YOU!

That’s how you get yourself aligned, and stay aligned…. you get clear on your WHY.

For me, my root answer to why I do everything I do, is this: To help others live a Truly Amazing Life.

When I ask, “Why do I want to do that?” I come up with many answers, here are a few: Because blessing others is what fulfills me at the deepest level; because I know there are people suffering who I can help; because I have been given a gift and I feel I must share it.

All of that resonates deeply within and makes me feel really good, and really emotional.

That’s how I know it’s lining up with the true ME.

I believe you can align yourself with the true YOU right now – Today! – through this simple exercise.

Then you can keep doing it daily, or any time you feel yourself out of alignment, or not feeling great, you can come back to your WHY.

And along those lines, David Hawkins also said: “A formula followed by all geniuses, prominent or not, is: Do what you like to do best, and do it to the very best of your ability.”

If you despise what you are doing, you’re not going to do it well…that’s not alignment. When you are aligned you will feel passionate energy to move ahead.

Passionate energy is the result of alignment.

And if you find yourself out of alignment, bored, unmotivated, or just dreading the day…it’s time to get back to your why…because that’s when you are settling, which is tragic to your potential for joy.

In my first book I wrote, “Settling for less than who God created me to be is the biggest tragedy ever.”

And I firmly believe that.

Choose to never settle. Get out your pen and work on getting aligned! Ask why!

Alignment with the true YOU will give you energy and drive, which helps you blast right through resistance.

Make Today Amazing!