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Succeed – Day 27 – A review and a rally to help you stay focused on your priority

As we wrap up our ‘Priority Focus’ let’s review the 7 areas we’ve covered together and tie it all together.

FIRST: We re-defined success as “The progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.”

Understanding this allows us to succeed right now, every single day.

SECOND: We explored ‘what is a worthy goal’?

We discussed the importance of writing with pen and paper asking “What do I want and why?”.

This is how we discover the WHY that speaks to our soul. Then the goal is ‘worthy’ when it lines up with that why that is true to our self.

THIRD: We discussed the law of the harvest and the “small and simple things” philosophy.

Remember to judge your day by the seeds that you plant, and that joy is meant to be found in the journey every day as you patiently take small steps of progress.

FOURTH: We emphasized that we need FOCUS to succeed.

Distraction is the destroyer of our dreams. The only way to make progress on our worthy goal is through focus on ONE priority at a time.

FIFTH: We implemented the 1-page Weekly Priority Planning tool and we broke down our priorities into super small steps.

Remember the focusing questions…

“What’s the ONE big thing that will progress my worthy goal?”

“What can I do this week to make progress on that ONE big thing?”

“What’s my NEXT STEP right now?”

SIXTH: We remembered that “ACTION is the real measure of intelligence.” – Napoleon Hill

We learned these 3 critical steps for speaking to ALL THREE of our brains, so that we can END procrastination, minimize resistance, and easily get into action:

1) Coax the Croc by writing down and feeling the pain of NOT doing it.

2) Manage the Mouse by shutting out all distraction and making the only ‘cheese’ (immediate gratification) available, the instant satisfaction of completing a small priority task.

3) Direct the Dolphin by clarifying our worthy goal in writing; describing in detail how it will feel, what positive impact it will make, and who will be blessed by it.

And lastly…

SEVENTH: We drove home the value of persistence.

We discussed how a bit of ‘hard work’ now is the magic that makes things exponentially easier in the future and opens us to amazing achievement.

That major breakthroughs in our life usually only happen after we have persisted, holding focused heat on one spot for a long enough time-period.

Everything is conspiring for your benefit, everything is your teacher, and the energy to persist comes from within when you are clear on WHAT you want and WHY you want it…even if you don’t see HOW it will happen right now.

Now it’s time to go forth, keeping the habit of Priority Focus each day!

I truly hope that using these tools and words this month you have begun to embed this habit into your life.

Use the tools going forward to stay on track…that’s their purpose and function.

But what happens if you get stuck again in the future?

Freedom is always available with the clarity of a worthy goal.

That’s how you virtually eliminate feeling ‘stuck’ and ‘stagnating’.

Knowing your goal clearly, allows you to then ask the question “What’s the next step?”

When you know the next step you are free then to take it…rather than bound in your mind by confusion and indecision.

So remember your worthy goals!

Keep them written and in front of you daily.

Think BIG in your goals, and super small in your priorities…avoid the middle ground…the land of the fuzzy static of overwhelm.

If your goal is too low, you risk staying in your comfort zone, which is not living, it’s dying.

Now I’ll send you off with some final powerful words of wisdom from some amazing teachers:

Remember…“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Focus on your priority – avoid the destruction of distraction.

“Sometimes it’s the first thing you do. Sometimes it’s the only thing you do. Regardless, doing the most important thing is always the most important thing.” – Gary Keller

And never give up on your dreams. Never.

“It is better to risk starving to death than surrender. If you give up on your dreams, what’s left?” – Jim Carrey

You can focus on your priority today. I know you can!

And I know this little focus will make worlds of difference in your life.

I believe in you. You are amazing.

Fix your mind on your worthy goal, whatever it may be.

If it expresses the love of your soul you will know. Hold on to that today and you are a wild success.

Don’t be daunted by the gap between you and your big worthy goal…today is all that matters, focus on the next step.

Make Today Amazing!