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Succeed – Day 19 – The truth about discipline and some clarity on goals & purpose

Now that you understand that your croc brain is all about avoiding anything painful or hard does that change your perspective?

Do you see more clearly why it’s so important that we set SUPER SMALL priorities?

See how it saves our willpower reserves when we avoid the croc-dolphin tug-of-war?

By breaking down our tasks into small bite-sized chunks that are crystal clear there’s not much for our croc brain to resist.

And that is wisdom! We can’t change the fact that we’ve got a croc in our head…so the only wise thing is to learn how to coax it!

“The wise does at once what the fool does at last.” – Baltasar Gracian

That may be a little harsh, since most of us have had no way of even knowing about the internal forces blocking us until now.

But now that you know??

Be wise!

Think small – and remind yourself of the painful consequence of not taking action if you ever feel resistance creeping up.

Most often people think success requires great discipline.

Jim Rohn, the amazingly inspirational author and speaker, said correctly: “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

It’s true it takes discipline to succeed – to stay focused on progressing your worthy goals. But actually…

Success requires small discipline, not great discipline!

It’s so much easier than we tend to build it up to be in our minds!

Small. Simple. Steps.

That’s all it takes.

Gary Keller said it perfectly: “Success is actually a short race – a sprint fueled by discipline just long enough for habit to kick in and take over. When we know something that needs to be done but isn’t currently getting done, we often say, “I just need more discipline.””

Actually, we need the habit of doing it. And we need just enough discipline to build the habit.” – Gary Keller

And that is just what we are doing this month and every month in these trainings…

…we’re building the habits of living a Truly Amazing Life.

With just a small amount of discipline to get ourselves the habits – then we discover that we succeed with much more ease every day.

The beauty is we only need to take SMALL steps every day.

Keep it simple.

Stay clear on your worthy goals.

Write down your priorities and keep them small.

Then be wise. Focus. And do it.

And speaking of ‘worthy goals’, notice how that is plural.

Yes it’s a beautiful thing when you get clear on your chief aim, your primary purpose in life.

But we don’t just have ONE worthy goal. My worthy goals are listed in my affirmations sheet that I repeat to myself every single day, and there are many.

Here’s an example of some of my personal goals and priorities to give you one perspective.

My chief aim in life: To help other people live a Truly Amazing Life.

Some of my worthy goals:   (all of these are aligned with my chief aim and vice versa)

– I am completely united with Nan in a bond of deep, passionate love and friendship

– Each day I – connect to God and my own soul, – move my body vigorously, – lovingly support Nan & the kids, – read empowering truth, and – focus on my priorities in order with diligence.

– I absolutely love life and I influence every person I touch to love life.

– I have published 13 books and training programs that help millions of people establish the habits of living a Truly Amazing Life.

See how all of those sub goals are aligned with my chief aim in life?

So, do you know what your core purpose in life is?

It’s ok if not…this is something that you can continue to explore, in writing.

What is the most meaningful and fulfilling thing for you? What brings you the most joy??

Write those answers.

Your core purpose will likely be revealed in the thing that brings you the most joy and makes your heart sing.

For me, that is helping others experience their truly amazing life and experiencing that with them.

But you don’t need to discover any clear major purpose in order to start setting worthy goals…

…just ask yourself “What is most important to you today?”

How do you want to treat yourself? What relationship do you want with YOU?

What relationships are most important? What do you want your experience to be in your relationships?

What contribution do you want to make in the world? Describe the way your work would be fulfilling (whether that’s running a family or a business or a department…whatever you’re up to)

Write what you want in these areas. Then boil it down to one sentence for each area.

Now you have your worthy goals for that area.

If you deeply desire it inside, and it’s loving, unselfish, and kind, then you know you’re on to something great.

Now simply transfer the most important goals to your weekly tracking sheet and determine what your very next step.

Make today amazing!