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Succeed – Day 11 – The great illusion of productivity unveiled!

Today let’s take a look at how to finally see clearly when your ‘busy actions’ are actually only as ‘productive’ as a car sliding backwards down a hill, tires spinning out, on a sheet of solid ice.

Lots of motion…worse than zero progress.

And if you believe this never happens to you then pay SPECIAL ATTENTION today!

We busted the myth of multi-tasking yesterday…this is kind of related.

When we are missing – 1) Clarity of purpose and 2) Focus on ONE Priority – we can easily begin to mistake ‘activity’ for ‘achievement’.

Just because we are taking actions and staying busy does not mean we are being productive.

Are we focused and progressing a worthy goal?

Or are we stuck in the tragic ‘busy wasting time’ trap?

If we are not working toward a worthy ideal, we are not succeeding right now.

But remember, we don’t only have ONE worthy goal…there are different areas of life.

Sometimes working on our ‘work’ or ‘business’ is a distraction from our more important goal of taking care of our soul, body, or family.

Sometimes playing instead of working is how we succeed best right now.

Do you ever allow yourself to get so caught up in the rat race of your profession or ‘passion’ that you are not there for your children?

I certainly do.

What worthy ideal are you working toward?

Are you succeeding right now by progressing it?

Think about it. Is your business or work time actually just spinning your life away on a treadmill making zero progress on the things that truly matter?

Will you reflect back on your life with deep regret from a comfortable swinging chair on the porch of your aging years – because you finally see that you spent most of your time working on things that didn’t truly matter?

Are you neglecting the people in your life that truly do matter?

I have to ask myself this periodically…and sometimes I don’t like the answer. It hurts.

But it’s never to late to turn this around and start a new pattern today!

You don’t need big changes…in fact small tweaks in your habits are better.

It’s a matter of making your worthy goal your priority – and focusing on the right worthy goal at the right time.

Often we think all our busy working all day must mean we accomplished a lot – but staying busy on the wrong things can be worse than doing nothing at all.

Then we live in an illusion of productivity and we wonder why we are unfulfilled, stressed, worn out, and not making progress on our dreams and goals…

…too busy to stop and consider that we aren’t actually ‘busy’ making progress on our goals…just tending to other people’s agendas (especially with email or phone distractions)

So what can we do?

Clarify and Focus!

Use the 1-Page priority focus tool to make sure you’re focused on the right worthy goal at the right time…and only ONE priority at a time.

It’s a matter of very simple planning to get focused.

“Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now.” – Denis Waitley

So how do you live in this moment of now? Focus on ONE Priority.

It’s critical to keep your goal and your priority written down and in the open in front of you so you see it often.

Without doing this you will inevitably lose focus on your goal and priority.

And when we lose focus, the immediate tendency is to do exactly what hall of fame Basketball coach John Wooden said never to do: “Never mistake activity for achievement.”

So keep your goal and priority close by and check in often…it will help you to heed Socrates wise counsel: “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”

Being busy being unproductive is no fun. So use the tools you have and create a fun, productive, fulfilling day today.

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.” – Jim Rohn

Make Today Amazing!