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Day 3 – The fastest pathway out of oppressive misery is directly inward.

How are you doing using the mirror to reflect love to yourself at least twice each day?

If you are struggling, join the conversation in the TAL Mastermind community and ask for help.

If you are having breakthroughs, share those and let us celebrate those wins with you. This will also encourage others who may be struggling.

We are here for each other.

We are much more alike than we tend to realize. So don’t be afraid to share openly. In the TAL Family there is loving support for everyone in the ups and the downs.

Don’t sell yourself short by trying to be an island of independence. Come join the community.

Now, why are we doing this again?

Here’s one reason…

The misery that oppresses you lies not in your profession but in yourself! What man in the world would not find his situation intolerable if he chooses a craft, an art, indeed any form of life, without experiencing an inner calling?”

“Whoever is born with a talent or to a talent, must surely find in that the most pleasing of occupations! Everything on this earth has its difficult sides! Only some inner drive — pleasure, love — can help us overcome obstacles, prepare a path, and lift us out of the narrow circle in which others tread out their anguished, miserable existences.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Why should we connect to ourselves and discover what our heart calls to us?


True happiness only comes from within us. That’s the simple fact of the matter.

Yet we are constantly pulled by the world to seek happiness outside of ourselves.

“Only some inner drive — pleasure, love,” says Johann, can “lift us out of the narrow circle in which others tread out their anguished, miserable existences.”

What we are doing here is purposely seeking to know ourselves and to love ourselves deeply.

As you make a sincere effort multiple times every day to reconnect with You — your soul, your spirit, your heart — you will grow a deep love for yourself.

You will come to know yourself more clearly.

You will begin to discover your heart’s passion and calling.

Because you are actively listening to your heart, instead of hushing it through escapism, repression, suppression, or projection of your emotions.

This may take time. It may even take months or years.

But it is so critical to your lasting happiness in life to have the habit of deeply connecting with yourself regularly — every single day is best.

By establishing this habit to Remember Who You Are, you are putting yourself on the path of happiness, fulfillment, growth, mastery, and enlightenment.

Without this habit of deep connection with yourself — you will veer.

We all do. Even though I teach this stuff and I’m immersed in the 12 pillars of a Truly Amazing Life® every day, I also have daily need to reconnect with Me.

Nobody is exempt from the need to nourish their most fundamental relationship.

If I don’t do, it I start veering off-track pretty fast. It’s human nature to get distracted by the world.

We overcome our “natural man” by establishing healthy habits.

This habit is so important.

I’m eager and excited for you to get it! I want to hear about your experiences, your insights, and your transformations as you come to know and love yourself more deeply this month. So make sure to share in the TAL Mastermind.

Keep it up! You can do it.

Remember Who You Are.

Make today amazing!