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Day 24 – Securing the gold of the spirit.

Today we’re going to check in with a number of experts on the topic of remembering who you are.

“If you are never alone you cannot know yourself. And if you do not know yourself you find fear of the void.– Paulo Coelho

I love that last statement.

It speaks so clearly to why we seek to escape the void through food, distraction (TV, Social media, email, etc.), alcohol, sleep, or even excessive exercise, friendship, sex — whatever our distraction of choice is!

And that’s not to say those things are all bad for you…but they are commonly used as tools for distraction and comfort instead of being used in balance for prudent enjoyment.

We use physical things to escape from our own inner selves because we are afraid of the void we perceive within in us — which feels like an icy cloak over our entire life.

It’s a scary thing to confront! Nobody tends to want to confront big scary voids!

So we whip out our most trusty escape mechanism, which comforts us initially and leaves us feeling even worse and more afraid later.

How do we stop this vicious escape/fear cycle?

Simple: Be alone with yourself. Be quiet. Do the routine we are practicing this month. Remember Who You Are.

That’s literally all there is to it.

Don’t believe the internal lie that this needs to be hard. Just because you may have been running scared from the perceived inner void for a long time doesn’t mean it has to be complex to stop.

You can just stop. Stop running away and turn inward.

And the next time you find yourself running from yourself (which happens to us all), just stop again. Look in the mirror. Look in your eyes and Remember Who You Are.

Here’s another truth….

“One secures the gold of the spirit when he finds himself.” – Claude Bristol

Not only do we remove the fear of the void, but we secure the gold!

Have you experienced that this month?

For me, that gold often comes in the form of healing tears, deep peace, and a feeling of profound love and mercy that feels like it’s bubbling to the surface of my heart and spilling out.

I hope you have been securing that gold of the spirit this month. It is the most precious treasure in life and makes me want to hold onto this habit forever.

Here’s another beauty…

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

We’re so often making plans without consulting ourselves. Ludicrous I know! But we all do it.

Any time we get caught up and obsessed over what we THINK we want without being connected to what we FEEL from our true self, we tend to be fighting against our fate and against our heart’s true calling.

You can tell this is happening when your heart is no longer singing and everything feels like difficult drudgery or boredom.

There is a Truly Amazing Life waiting for us right now…today! We can turn those feelings around almost instantly.

Remember Who You Are! Ask yourself in the mirror, “What is most important to you?”

Then free yourself and let go of what your ego wanted.

Be humble! So what if you’ve been working toward that thing you thought you wanted for the last 5 years and you’re just now realizing it’s not what your true self wanted all!

Are you going to throw away the next 5 years and miserably slog along the same way? Of course not!

Be true to You no matter how hard, or uncomfortable, or how much change that will require.

Listen to the real You today!

When you’re breathing deeply and looking in your eyes, reminding yourself of your true nature and your compassionate loving spirit, spend some time asking what you really want and why.

Then listen.

Be still.

Don’t be in a hurry.

Feel free to let the answers wait if they’re not immediately forthcoming. Come back and ask again in the evening, or the next day.

And say, “I love you!”

It’s a beautiful lifelong process of deepening your relationship with You. Enjoy it and savor every moment of it. There’s no rush.

Make today amazing!