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Day 23 – A powerful story of the slow, painful grind of forgetting who we are

Hello! It’s a wonderful day to be alive. Thanks for being here…I’m so glad you are staying committed to this process.

Right in the middle of writing this book, I happened to do an interview with my friend Katie McCarthy and I was surprised and intrigued by the direction the call took.

I had literally just finished writing Day 13 and I was astonished at how perfect her experience related to what we have been working on together.

Here’s the short version of her impactful story:

First, about a year prior, she went out on a limb in an act of amazing courage and faith, and quit her comfortable and prestigious corporate job. She struck out on her own as an entrepreneur, with absolutely no idea what she would do.

She simply knew she had to quit.

Her heart made that very clear, and she followed her heart.

Over the next year she went on to create an impactful podcast, interviewing successful entrepreneurs and sharing their wisdom, focusing on the deeply human and emotional aspects of being an entrepreneur.

But when the podcast didn’t perform to her expectations in the first two weeks, she started comparing herself negatively to all the “more successful” people around her. Then she classified herself as a failure.

But she didn’t even realize she had done that internally.

And the result became 6 months of grinding away at the work and losing touch with herself, her purpose, and her calling.

As we spoke, it was only two weeks after she had experienced a complete re-awakening and become aware that she had forgotten who she was and what she was all about.

She finally realized she had fallen into working for all the wrong reasons — reasons that didn’t line up with her true self and her purpose.

When she made that discovery it completely set her free from the internal suffering and struggle. Here’s what she said about it:

Once I got over this failure story, I started to acknowledge the actual gifts that I have.

“Before two weeks ago my concern and attention had been on how to have an impressive business, how to generate revenue. All the ego centered aspects of business — which is not why I became an entrepreneur. It had devolved into time, money, and looking good.”

“When I was able to reconnect to who I am and the divinity of who we all are, I became aware of all these amazing things and people around me.”

“And all of a sudden everything in my life was reframed in a positive way. Everything instantly went from bleak and I’m not good enough, to MY LIFE IS AMAZING! Now I don’t ever want to go to sleep anymore.

“I’ve always been the kind of person who seeks to learn a lot of things but the place I always resisted looking for learning was inside myself. Now I’ve started to ask my body what it wants. I’m asking myself questions, instead of asking other people for their opinion and guidance.”

“And you know what? I’ve been answering!!

“And that has been so profound. To know that the love that I was seeking outside of me, I have an infinite well-spring of that inside, and all I needed to do was look in the right direction.

As soon as Katie remembered who she is her life instantly shifted back to truly amazing.

The same will happen for you every single day you Remember Who You Are.

Life is truly amazing when you Remember Who You Are!

Let’s follow Katie’s example today and seek guidance and inspiration from the source of all knowledge and power within ourselves.

More on this tomorrow…but for now…

…Make today amazing!!!