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Day 18 – “Your job is purely to love yourself. Truly and deeply.”

Today I want to share one TAL Family member’s experience with this habit of remembering:

“Because of your program I might actually be able to save my marriage, which was in a huge state of distress, most or all due to the lack of belief and faith in myself.

“I’ve always valued my life, but I have never really known how to be truly happy within myself. As I grew into a young mother trying to find my way with no guidance it was hard but God helped me through it.”

But I was just getting through it. I settled for an OK life. Mostly because it was all I’ve ever known. But now I’m never going to settle for anything less than an amazing life.” – April H.

How was it possible for her to stop settling and start living a truly amazing life?

Largely because she remembered who she truly is.

She recognized that the lack of belief and faith in herself was causing her distress.

April discovered how to be truly happy within herself by remembering who she truly is.

If you have discovered that for the first time, or the 1000th time, through this process of remembering that we are working on together, that is awesome! Re-discovering that is the goal…every day of your life.

Keep going every day. Allow this habit to Remember Who You Are be firmly embedded in you.

Life contains challenges that you cannot foresee.

Staying in the habit of remembering who you are enables you to meet those challenges with grace, to overcome them all, and to experience joy and fulfillment throughout the process.

When we forget who we are, we flounder. We feel lost, and confused. And sooner or later we sink into boredom, settling, despair, or all the way to depression.

A Truly Amazing Life is built on small, simple, habitual ways of thinking and being.

So keep building this habit.

You are deep into it now, and this habit can and will serve you for the rest of your life when you establish it and keep it.

Here’s another powerful quote from Kamal Ravikant from Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It:

“Your job is purely to love yourself. Truly and deeply. Feel it. Again and again. Make it your single-minded focus. The mind and body will respond automatically. They don’t have a choice.” – Kamal Ravikant

I love how he separates your mind and body from YOU!

YOU have the choice…not your mind and body. YOU are the master.

The reason I love how he said to make this your ‘single-minded focus’ is because it takes HUGE effort and DISCIPLINED focus in the beginning to get the momentum of a new habitual way of thinking and being.

You won’t always have to focus so intently on loving yourself.

In time it will become your nature to automatically love yourself and remember who you are. With practice you will easily reflect and speak love and kindness to yourself morning, evening, and all day long.

But in the beginning, single-minded focus on this habit is so important.

Getting a new habit to replace an old one is a lot like getting a big boulder rolling down an incline. If you do it half-heartedly, you’ll never get it rolling.

It requires a lot of focused effort at first, getting it rolling a little faster, then a little faster. If you keep at it long enough it becomes easy to keep it rolling. Eventually the habit takes over like gravity and keeps the boulder rolling on its own.

So keep focused!

Forgive yourself if you faltered a couple days.

Get back up and keep going. Focus on today! Reflect love to yourself morning and evening at minimum.

You are amazing.

Remember Who You Are.

Make today amazing!