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Day 17 – All people are truly amazing, but many do not remember that yet.

Hello again! Congratulations on being alive on the planet for another day of this amazing life!

I like being alive…in fact I daresay I love it. I hope you are loving it too!

Let’s talk about freedom for a minute or two…starting with another quote from The A to Z of a Truly Amazing Life:


“I do not believe we came to earth to discover the secrets to a ‘pretty good’ existence.”

“It’s not compatible with our true nature, to waste even one moment settling for a second-rate, miserable experience in any aspect of our lives.”

“By choosing to complain and settle we bind ourselves in mediocrity.”

“Each person on earth is equally endowed with freedom to choose to live in awe and gratitude.”

“All people are truly amazing, but many do not remember that yet so they move about in denial of their chains of quiet misery, sacrificing their precious gift of life.”

And why do they not remember they are truly amazing?

There are many reasons.

But the bottom line is we’ve all been fed a bunch of lies about who we are from a bunch of sources for a bunch of years.

And we have unwittingly consumed those lies, installed them as beliefs in our subconscious, and re-fed them to ourselves over and over.

The lies of unworthiness, incapability, being undeserving of love, and the biggie, “I’m not good enough.”

But now we are feeding ourselves the truth. Purposefully. Daily. Keep doing that!

Keep telling yourself the truth. “I love myself. I am amazing. I am perfectly capable. I am immensely powerful.” And on, and on, and on.

You are truly amazing and your life is truly amazing.

Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is blind to who you truly are.


I know who you are.

Because you come from the same source I come from.

I know your true nature. It is the nature of pure, loving compassion for all of life and creation.

If you plant the seed of those words in your heart and watch as they produce the fruit of peace and joy and happiness within, you will know for yourself they are true.

It has been well said, “By their fruits you shall know them.” You will know that is true by the way it makes you feel.

Now we’ll finish today by returning to our topic from yesterday with a powerful statement from David Hawkins about where true happiness is found:

Out of the recognition of who we really are comes the desire to seek that which is uplifting. When that inner emptiness, due to lack of self-worth, is replaced by true self-love, self-respect and esteem, we no longer have to seek it in the world, for that source of happiness is within ourselves. – David Hawkins

This is far and away the overriding theme of the pillar of Remember.

I have met and talked with people who are living most of the pillars of a Truly Amazing Life, but because they are missing this essential pillar, they do not know who they are and they are depressed!

I have a friend who is incredibly successful in business and he is really good at motivating others toward business success. But he is lacking this inner awareness of who he is and so he continues to struggle with depression.

Remembering who you are today, and every day of your life, is of the most vital importance.

It cannot be overemphasized.

Go now, do your practice, keep on reminding yourself who you are.

Make today amazing!