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Day 10 – Return to the deep waters of inner peace and confidence.

Good job sticking with me! You’re moving right along in this empowering process of improving your relationship with YOU.

Keep it up. You are doing great!

And if you just said to yourself, “Hey, no I’m not. I’ve been slacking and it’s been challenging to keep my commitment to reflect to myself every morning and night,” …

…That’s OK!

You are still doing great! Why??

Because you are reading or listening to Day 10 of this system.

That means you are still here, still making some effort, and you can start again right now.

If you have been slacking, I’ll just ask what Tony Robbins likes to ask, “When is now a good time to start again?”

Life happens now. Yesterday is done. Tomorrow doesn’t exist. There is only right now.

And you are OK right now.

If you have experienced challenges remembering who you are, or beating yourself up, or anything, remember to ask for help! You don’t need to go this alone.

Come join the Truly Amazing Life® Mastermind community and speak up!

If you are experiencing breakthroughs, don’t deny others the blessing of celebrating those with you!

Share your success with those who will celebrate it with you. If the family or friends around you don’t understand, you can be sure your Truly Amazing Life® family gets it.

We’re a family of people who understand each other. We can celebrate the highs with you and we can handle the lowest of lows. So feel free to share and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

We are all attacked by lies and negativity.

Don’t think for a minute that you are alone when you experience the discouraging feelings of unworthiness, incapability, or unhappiness.

Every person who is being honest will acknowledge feeling those feelings. It is part of life and progression to get bombarded by oppression from negative thought.

Nobody is free from the influence of negative thought in this world.

Negative thinking generally brings feelings of shame, so it’s not easy to speak up when we are being bombarded by negativity.

We feel weak, we feel inadequate.

We get easily convinced we are flawed because the lies of negativity crowd the space in our heads, leaving little room for the truth.

But You are not your thoughts!

And the true You is far from unworthy or incapable.

Just know that you are understood. And nothing you have done or can do makes you unlovable. Especially in the TAL Family, we all get it. We are here to support each other.

So remember that, and come support others as well.

And now, a couple powerful truths from David Hawkins:

“The end result of the conscious handling of emotions is invulnerability and imperturbability. Our inner nature is now bulletproof. We are able to go through life with balance and grace.”

He also said…

With this increased awareness of who we really are comes the progressive invulnerability to pain. – David Hawkins

In other words, as you Remember Who You Are, you become progressively bulletproof inside.

Less and less hurt or moved by pain.

Less and less able to be upset.

Imagine yourself as a deepwater fish in a large, deep lake. The rough tumbling rivers (the negativity, worries, and problems of the world) flow into the lake and get absorbed and calmed in the vast stillness of its flat waters.

No outer circumstances disturb you.

Even heavy winds have no affect below the surface where all is confidence and peace.

You can come to live in a state so peaceful and confident within yourself that all hell can break loose around you and you are completely ‘imperturbable’. (Or the made-up word I prefer, unbuggable!)

This is because you know who you are and why you are here, and you are living in a state of deep love, compassion, and understanding.

Have you had those days, when you felt nothing could get you down?

By establishing this constant, deep connection to who you truly are, you can live in a state of confidence and peace every single day.

Maybe up until now you have been the deepwater fish in a river. Sometimes you come to a deep pool in a flat valley where all is peace and you feel unstoppable.

But swimming on the next day you suddenly find yourself tossed back and forth out of control in agitated waters again.

That’s what happens when you forget who you are.

You are a deepwater fish!

Remember Who You Are and return to the deep water.

Your inner confidence, peace, and happiness will then see you through all the inevitable challenges of life with grace.

You will live free of the suffering caused by worry over the future.

Keep up the daily practice in the mirror! Breathe. Look deep into your eyes. Express love, forgiveness, and confidence in yourself.

Make today amazing!