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Day 29 – Bonus Love Day: This could be blocking you from loving the things that are harder to love.

As a final note to send you off, here’s one more thing for you to consider, which we covered way back in Book 1 of this series:

If you feel challenged at all in expressing loving thoughts toward challenging things, like pain, or difficult people, here’s an important reminder:

Everything is conspiring for your benefit.

Do you believe that? Do you have the habit of viewing life through that lens automatically?

If so, then kindness and compassion become your default setting toward everything.

If not, that could be at the root of your challenge to be kind and loving toward the challenging people or events in life.

If you believe deep down that some things are conspiring against you, or that you are hated by God or the Universe, do you see how this could be influencing you to hate some things?

Love toward ALL people, things, and events in your life without exception is the natural outcome of believing that ‘Everything is conspiring for your benefit’.

Until we fully believe that, we limit our ability for unconditional love.

An event may happen that is difficult, disappointing, discouraging, or even deadly, and we will be more likely to curse that event with hatred instead of bless it with love.

If we choose to believe, “Everything is working against me!” or, “Bad things just happen to good people for no rhyme or reason,” then our default reaction toward hard things will be hostility!

Those underlying beliefs are a victim mindset based in a lack of belief in the inherent love that infuses all of life.

Remember, all of your actions and reactions are dictated by your beliefs.

Sometimes we need to update our beliefs before we will even have the ability to be kind toward certain things.

If you have been through the ‘Affirm Your Truth’ training from Book 1 of this series, then you likely have this belief embedded in your subconscious already.

But if you find yourself struggling to express love toward some person, thing, or event at this point…

…It will likely help tremendously to add the affirmation ‘Everything is conspiring for my benefit,’ back into your daily focus for a while.

Otherwise you might find yourself reverting to the victim-mindset reactions like: “Why did this have to happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? This is so terrible!”, or other similar thoughts.

I love you!

Keep on loving unconditionally.

Make today amazing!