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Day 27 – How to get truly rich: The lesson only unconditional love can teach.

The truly rich person is the one who is in contact with the energy of love every moment of his existence.” – Paulo Coelho

That statement pretty well sums up the reason for our focus this month.

I hope you have felt of those riches!

I hope you feel it deep in your bones that this is a Truly Amazing Life.

I hope you are more filled with unconditional love than ever before.

On this final day of our focus we will review where we’ve been and tie everything together.

First, some basic questions and answers we have covered:

What is our experience if we DO NOT love unconditionally?

Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Doubt, Despair, Emptiness.

What is our experience when we DO love unconditionally?

Peace, Joy, Fulfillment, Deep contentment, Faith, Hope, Gratitude, Satisfying Fulness.

Who needs unconditional love?


Who deserves unconditional love?


What is the process for giving unconditional love?

It starts in our thoughts and in our heart. The simplest way is by thinking, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

How do we grow in our ability to stay connected to unconditional love?

Daily practice in the small, simple thoughts we choose to think: Consciously thinking, “I love you,” toward everything without exception.

That simple practice causes all of life to be our constant guide to deeper connection with unconditional love.

At the end of this month of focused intention and action…

Do you feel like forgiveness has opened you to a level of joy-filled living that makes your heart smile more throughout each day?

Do you feel yourself abiding in the serenity of a peaceful heart even amidst the storms that arise in your life?

I truly hope you have begun experiencing more of these benefits of living in connection with unconditional love.

Each step you move closer to habitually living in the energy of love will have a compounding positive effect in your life.

I hope through the daily repetition and practice with the four sentences you have now embedded them in your heart permanently.

Keep this poster visible somewhere to remind yourself that you can always come back to unconditional love and instantly plug yourself back in to your source — any moment, any day.

One thing I like to do is slide a copy in the front or back clear plastic sleeve of my 3-ring binder journal — it makes a great book cover!

Click here to download & print the poster

When the storms or busy seasons of life inevitably show up, this visual anchor in your environment will help you hold your ground.

Now let’s wrap up our focus on unconditional love with a 12 point review of the main things covered this month.

This will help embed the lessons in your mind deeper so they can help you more going forward.

1 – Practice unconditional love by using these 4 sentences: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

2 – Think, “I love you,” Toward everything that shows up in your life! All people, all things, and all events.

3 – Expand upon the four sentences in your inner conversations toward yourself and others. Elaborating on your feelings of love is important for opening your heart.

4 – What is the unmistakeable signal to change your thoughts? You feel bad.

When you find yourself feeling bad at all…return to the four sentences to re-connect with the energy of love instantly.

Persistently plug yourself back in to the source of love each moment of each day, whenever you see you’re unplugged.

5 – Don’t allow yourself to stay in any form of hate once you become aware. “If you miss out on love you miss out on life” – Leo Buscaglia

6 – What’s the opposite of unconditional love? Conditional love…which is actually not love at all.

Usually the person we are the most conditional with and least loving to is our own self.

Why is it that as humans we tend to give our own selves the least grace? This is one of the most important lesson to learn in life.

When we learn to live with grace, mercy, and compassion toward ourselves, we are liberated into a state of joy beyond description.

The peace and calm from our inner stillness and love radiates out and blesses all in our wake. We are deeply fulfilled and grateful for every moment of this life that we experience.

7 – Miracles will happen in your relationships just by exercising loving thoughts.

8 – One of the most powerful ways to plug ourselves back into the source of love is through writing. Use this essential tool daily — and especially when you feel stuck. WRITE!

9 – We are all children. We all deserve to feel loved unconditionally.

10 – You are literally healing and blessing the cells in your own body when you love. Love is the most powerful medicine, not to be overlooked.

11Love does not exempt us from pain. In fact, feeling the pains of life is essential to living in unconditional love. Actually loving until it hurts, is how we overcome pain and increase joy.

Remember: you are being refined, like silver or gold, and that process requires pain, but the reward is pure beauty and joy.

And finally…

12 – You can love even those who hate you. You can live in peace regardless of your circumstances when you are in the habit to Love Unconditionally in your thoughts.

Thank you for joining me in the commitment to live a Truly Amazing Life!

I love you.

Keep on loving unconditionally!

Make today amazing 🙂