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Day 20 – Feel it all and keep right on loving

How did it go loving the events in your life yesterday?

Was it easy? Or was it hard?

Usually its easy when everything is smooth sailing…but it gets hard when life drops unexpected pain in your path.

Let’s talk about how to say, “I love you,” toward those people, things and events that are hard to love or are painful.

Learning to love, respect, and appreciate the pain that shows up in life is one of the most important lessons life has to teach.

Have you ever felt angry, annoyed, frustrated or upset with pain that has shown up in your life?

If so, did that pain keep showing back up?

Or is it still sticking around and perhaps you’re just accustomed to it at this point?

It’s common for pain points in our life in all their forms (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual) to keep recurring.

Pain is always there to teach us something, and it will keep coming back until we truly listen to the lesson.

Even once we are listening…it’s possible pain may be our companion and teacher throughout life.

But what is the lesson we are supposed to learn from pain?

If the purpose of life is joy, and joy is found only through love, then it would seem logical to me that pain is here to teach us love.

The moment in any person’s life when they truly begin to love pain is a pivotal and transformational moment.

And I don’t mean that you say, “I love pain” like you say, “I love spaghetti.” Remember, that ‘love’ really means ‘like’.

To love pain doesn’t mean you seek it out, or purposely self-inflict pain.

The transformational love for pain I’m talking about is this:

Saying, “I love you. Thank you for teaching me, humbling me, and purifying me,” to any pain that shows up, without feeling any anger toward it.

Pain is the great test of unconditional love.

It is easy to love others who love us first and treat us kindly.

It’s much more difficult to love the person who curses your name, stabs you in the back, or speaks down to you and treats you disrespectfully.

It is easy to love the beautiful, orderly, delicious, and well kept things we see.

It’s much harder to love those things that are rusty, broken down, or cluttering up the space.

It is easy to love a huge windfall of unexpected cash, great news from a friend, or a family member healed from a scary illness.

It’s much more challenging to love a flood that destroys your basement costing you thousands,…

…A rejection from your dream job or role,…

…Or your best friend and lover suddenly dying and leaving you alone.

But does unconditional love pick and choose which of those people, things or events to love?

It cannot – it is unconditional.

And when we live in unconditional love neither can we.

To truly love something is not the same as to ‘enjoy’ something, or ‘be glad’ about something.

As a society we use the word that way: “I love that show! It’s hilarious.”

But that is not the act of love we are talking about here.

We are talking about literally giving love to everything.

When we say, “I love you,” to that person, thing, or event in our thoughts…we are choosing unconditional love.

We are choosing to reject hate, and choose love.

We are choosing to stay present, aware, and awake to life and live in love…

…Instead of choosing hate, spite, and anger — all of which damage and hurt, rather than heal and bless.

We are choosing love over apathy or avoidance.

By saying, “I love you,” we are purposely removing the blinders from our eyes and confronting the present moment head on, with the best energy possible.

Love hurts sometimes. Love is humbling. Be prepared for that.

But it’s so much better than avoiding reality and pushing pain under the rug, only to find it later festering and causing huge emotional and physical problems.

To say, “I love you,” to the event of the death of a dear one, is perhaps one of the biggest challenges anyone could ever face.

Can we possibly say a sincere, “I love you,” to that?

We can! And we must if we are to live in peace, and fulness of joy.

When we say, “I love you death,” we are letting go of our own will and trusting the life energy of love that is greater than we can imagine.

We are choosing to walk by faith, instead of by sight.

When we live in that trust, only then can we truly live in peace. And peace is the prerequisite to true joy and gratitude.

What are our other options?

We can choose to say, “I hate you death!” and spend our days in turmoil & suffering, wasting our precious remaining moments of life in hate.

Is that what you want? Of course not.

You can give love and feel true love toward all things.

And when you do, you benefit all things by being a conduit of pure love.

Feel the joy.

Feel the happiness.

Feel the sadness.

Feel the pain.

Feel it all, and give love to all of it. Even when it’s hard.

What if you find yourself hating something even though you don’t want to?

Maybe you even hate that you are in the state of hate? What can you do?

Simply return to the four sentences of unconditional love toward whatever you were hating: I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

I know you’ll be loving again soon, and you’ll be back on the peace track of life.

You’ll get a break from the daily messages tomorrow, but keep on loving unconditionally!

Make today amazing.