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Day 19 – Accept the lifestyle of love

Accept love and nonjudgmental forgiveness as a lifestyle, exercising unconditional kindness to all persons, things, and events without exception.”

“Once one makes this commitment, he begins to experience a different, more benign world as his perceptions evolve.” – David R. Hawkins

Adopting the ‘lifestyle of love’ is our goal this month!

The lifestyle you live, is simply a set of habitual thoughts and actions you have accepted.

We are in the process of accepting love as our lifestyle as we work each day to create the habit to Love Unconditionally.

Why are we doing this?

Because that is a truly amazing lifestyle of course! 🙂

Love is the way to live in joy.

Everything else we try to create a happy lifestyle for ourselves is really just an attempt at getting to the fruit of love: joy

So why not just go straight to the source?

Why not stop concerning ourselves primarily with achievements, accomplishments, and possessions — and remind ourselves that none of those things bring us the deepest fulfillment and meaning in life?

Why not just accept that unconditional kindness toward everything is the way to live a truly peaceful, joy-filled life?

I like how David Hawkins made the distinction that in addition to treating ‘people’ and ‘things’ with kindness…

…Unconditional love also exercises kindness toward all the events that take place in our lives!

Starting day one this month I encouraged you to say, “I love you,” in your thoughts toward every single person you encounter or think of throughout the day.

How has that been going?

Have you remembered to keep thoughts of love flowing out?

If not, don’t worry! Just be grateful for this reminder and start again today!

And I want you to add to it today.

Today, instead of thinking, “I love you,” toward just the people you see, start thinking it toward the things you see, and every single event that takes place also!

That’s going to be a lot of love, I know!

That’s the point.

It only takes one nanosecond to think, “I love you,” toward something. Why not give it a shot?

Why not just start directing love thoughts toward every person, thing, and event that shows up in your life? What do you have to lose?

If you find you are just overwhelmed with too much love and you can’t handle feeling that awesome, I’ll let you off the hook tomorrow…

…But give it a shot for one day at least! 🙂

Here’s what happens when you get this habit:

You can’t possibly remain negative toward any person, thing, or event if you are constantly expressing love toward them all!

OK, I know, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

I have personally fallen out of the ‘I love you’ habit a lot. That’s why I go through this process of focusing on it again one month each year!

It’s a transformational habit.

Here’s one challenge you may face though:

What if an event that shows up for you is intense, scary, or tragic…like witnessing a multi-car pileup on the freeway that caused multiple fatalities?

Does it seem a bit delusional to say, “I love you car crash,” to that event?

I admit…it felt strange to me at first.

That’s because the word ‘love’ has been so diluted. We say things like, “I love spaghetti,” to express a really strong ‘like’ toward something.

Like is not the same as love. The word ‘love’ doesn’t carry the same power used in that way.

We’re talking about expressing heart-felt, unconditional love toward a thing.

So back to the challenge of expressing love toward a fatal car crash — let’s consider three options of thoughts that will help clarify the power of expressing love toward literally everything:

Option 1 – We can think: “I hate you car crash! I’m so angry that this happened and these people were injured and killed.”

Are those thoughts bringing life, blessing, healing or peace, to you or anyone else in the situation?

Of course not.

But if you really feel angry, go ahead and express it — suppressing your feelings is not healthy. But be aware!

When you see anger from within, allow it to wake you up to your own internal discord. In hate, you are disconnected from love.

Nothing outside you can anger you when you are fully connected to unconditional love.

Option 2 – We can think: “I’m scared of you car crash. I don’t want to look at you. I’m going to block you out of my mind so I don’t get sad. Let me turn up this happy song on the radio.”

You can try to avoid feelings and block yourself off from feeling the emotion of the events of life, but that’s not living in love.

Avoiding reality is avoiding life.

Painting on a smile on and pretending hard things don’t exist is not the way to live in true joy.

Option 3 – We can think: “I love you car crash. I’m so sorry that so many of you are in pain. I send forgiveness to everyone involved, even if gross negligence caused this.”

Feel the powerful difference in the loving option?

Saying ‘I love you’ to an event doesn’t mean you have to feel glad it happened!

Love encompasses all emotion, feels all of it with compassion, and is able to heal everything.

So today, try saying, “I love you,” to the things and events that show up — even if they are painful.

I’m certain you will notice your heart expand and your joy increase…

…And you’ll be doing a lot of good for the world in the process.

Make today amazing!