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Give – Day 26 – How important is service in our chosen work or vocation?

Can the work that we’re paid for be selfless service?

Technically, probably not – because we are expecting and getting the reward of payment.

But what about those who love what they do for work so much they would do it even if they weren’t paid?

There is definitely a way to do your chosen career with an attitude of selfless service.

In fact – the most successful and fulfilled people I know are those who do everything they do in life from a place of selfless loving service.

Whether that is service at work, with family, or in community – it’s all about service for the most fulfilled people.

We spend a lot of time on this in the pillar of SUCCEED – discussing finding your purpose and doing work that you love

…Both of which are very important.

But whatever your current work may be, when it’s done with an attitude of service, true fulfillment can result.

Its important to stay open to either changing paths or staying true to our path, as we clarify our purpose in life.

But no matter what we are currently doing – we can choose to do it with an attitude of service.

And our attitude toward our vocation – whether that is a career, business, or family – makes all the difference in the world.

There’s a commonly told story about 3 men laying bricks on the exact same wall – and when asked what they were doing, gave 3 totally different responses.

My rendition of the story goes like this…

The first man, when asked what he was doing growled angrily, “I’m just laying these lousy bricks, day in and day out. I hate my job – but I don’t have any other skills so just I’m stuck here.”

The next one replied with a determined, “I’m providing for my family. laying these bricks does get monotonous, but I’ll keep plugging away because someone needs to bring home the bacon.”

The third man, when asked, replied with a broad smile, “I’m building a magnificent library that will provide beauty and education for years to come.”

I love my work. I can’t wait to get here each day and see the progress.”

“I love to see how every small brick I have laid with care, over time creates a grand and amazing work of art.”

What are the different motivations driving these three men?

1 – FEAR:The first man won’t even leave a job he hates because he’s too afraid he won’t find anything else.And yet he could find joy right where he is with a shift of belief.

Fear is rooted in selfishness and a victim mentality – and those roots need uprooting for fear to disappear.

Living in fear is unhappiness.

2 – DUTY: A more noble cause than fear for sure – but ‘getting through’ the 9 to 5 out of sheer duty like the 2nd man is certainly not a fulfilling way to live.

And eventually the energy required to maintain it will wear anyone out.

Living for duty alone is exhausting.

3 – LOVE: This man has figured out how to live happy. He’s laying the same bricks as the others – yet he is giving for a living. He creates beauty and art. He is deeply fulfilled.

The same work that sucks the life out of others fills him with energy.

Living for love is pure joy

So, how important is a disposition toward service in your chosen work or vocation?

I’d say living your life for service is critically important to your joy in life.

Tony Robbins once said, “Labor is service. Service is Life. When we serve more than ourselves we feel more alive.”

For happiness, financial success, deep joy, true fulfillment, and to wake up each day thrilled to be alive – SERVE.

If you are feeling unfulfilled in any area of life – take stock of your actions.

Who are you doing them for? You? Or others?

If you don’t love something you’re doing consistently, write this question down and answer it, “Who am I doing this for and why am I doing it?

If you’re not fulfilled by a thing, chances are exactly 100% you are doing it out of either fear or duty – not out of love.

True love always fulfills.

The important question then is, “How can I do this thing out of love? Or never do it again?

Let’s not resign ourselves to accepting a life lived for fear and duty.

I don’t know all the answers to those questions for you…

…But your heart knows exactly how to live in love – that’s what it was made to do.

Giving is truly living.

There are no compartments for the truly happy and fulfilled person – everything is about blessing and serving others

…Including their personal care and self-love. They know loving oneself is critical to being able to fully love and serve others.

So make your entire life about loving service, not just your ‘after work’ life…

That’s how you Make Today Amazing.