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Give – Day 22 – The healing power of an outpouring of love

Continuing from Day 20 – here’s an example of how love heals and transforms…

In 2012 my body began to deteriorate suddenly.

We had just welcomed our 4th child into the world and the next day a burning pain began in my bowels.

Over the course of 3 months my body lost 50 pounds as my immune system destroyed my own large intestine.

The daily excruciating pain was more than even I can imagine right now…the mind tends to block out such intensity.

Now, imagine a mother clinging to sanity by a thread as she struggles to recover from childbirth while caring for a newborn, a dying & incapacitated husband, and 3 young and very needy children…

…One of whom was suffering immense emotional pain and threatening to kill himself.

Not a happy scene.

My life was severely threatened.

My hope and faith were tested in the greatest extreme.

And my entire family endured a refiner’s fire of emotional distress.

There was a myriad of drastic and scary moments – each day was filled with stress, fear, and pain.

But right from the very beginning, miracles started pouring in, and they never let up until I was completely recovered…

…And my son had healed from the deep despair and felt happy again…

…And my wife was granted a much needed reprieve.

Those miracles were the dozens upon dozens of family and community members who constantly showed up – every single day – month after month.

Literally. Every single day people showed up to serve in some way.

Every one of my four sisters took at least a week off from their life and family to come stay with us and serve us.

Both of our parents dropped everything to stay with us for multiple weeks – cooking, cleaning, taking care of our kids, and giving us the emotional support of love that we so desperately needed.

In addition to amazing family support, for over three months our neighbors and church community brought dinner, took care of our kids, mowed our lawn, cleaned our house…

…I could go on and on.

To behold the goodness and selfless nature of humanity in action…

…Brought me to tears of joy regularly – daily – in between the tears and screams of pain & despair.

The selflessness I witnessed first hand from so many people changed my heart foreverI will never be the same.

I will forever feel indebted to God and humanity for what happened during that time.

And this miraculous, loving service went well beyond physical help…

…The love we felt, the visits, the concern, were an un-ending stream of kindness just pouring in to our life.

All this transformed me and my family in profound ways.

It was pure unadulterated lovethe most magnificent thing in the world.

Love produced moments of immense joy even in the midst of the most intense pain.

It was an amazing display of selfless service.

People simply saw a need, and dropped everything they were doing to fill it…

…Sacrificing their own time & money…

Putting off their own goals and agendas to simply serve.

There were many factors involved, but I believe the outpouring of selfless love was one of two critical elements to our miraculously quick healing and recovery.

The other critical element being FAITH: knowing that everything was and is conspiring for our benefit.

The selfless acts of kindness and the support literally saved our lives.

Our situation was dire on so many levels – I shudder to think of what may have been had we been left to fend for ourselves in that time…

…I don’t think we all would have come out the other side.

And if we did – I know with certainty the trauma would have been exponentially worse – I’m not sure we would be recovered even now.

So why do I share this with you?

So you remember this: your love is instrumental in healing and transforming other’s lives.

We heal each other.

I will never forget the love that was so freely given to me in my months of need.

When you serve – even with a kind smile – you are leaving a permanent impact of kindness in someone’s life.

Your service is so important.

Your love is so important.

YOU are so important to the rest of us.

I hope you remember how powerful an influence for good you are in the world.

If it is even just one person you touch today – you mean the world to that one person.

Serving each other in love – that is really what life’s all about.

That is a Truly Amazing Life.

Because that is living in pure love.

For a powerful resource with dozens of amazing stories of human love healing…

…I highly recommend you read the book “Kitchen Table Wisdom” by Rachael Naomi Remen. It is wonderful, moving, and healing to the soul.

And today, don’t forget to think, plan, and act in selfless, loving kindness.

Make Today Amazing!