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Give – Day 20 – The amazing effects of seemingly tiny acts of love.

Here is an example of how even super small acts of service can produce massive blessings in other’s lives.

I got this email the other day:


“Hi Aaron, I am very emotional unstable this week. I feel lost in my life.”

“I have been crying everyday, yet no one knows about my situation.”

“I feeling to hurt myself. What shall I do? Regards, Meipei”


It’s hard for me to respond to every email I get right away – but in this case I quickly sent off a reply – the situation sounded desperate!.

And how long did it take to reply? Maybe 2 minutes tops.

I just told her I care about her and sent her a link to some free videos I made teaching about 5 of the 12 pillars.

I didn’t expect any amazing result from that little effort of caring…but I know how powerful just a simple expression of sincere caring can be.

We never know just how much of an effect they will have though…

A couple days later I got this reply:


“Hi Aaron, I just feel I am easily affected by little things that cause my emotions to go down. When I am feeling down, I automatically have self-blame, which makes me feel very depressed.”

“I will practice what you taught in the 5 videos, and will update you on my progress.”

“I want to thank you for spending time replying to my email.”

“When I received your reply, I felt there is a support out there for me. Thank you. Kind regards, Meipei”


I’m pretty sure the words or actions of our service are not nearly as important as just the fact that we cared enough to serve.

Luckily Meipei was still reaching out for help and not so low as to resort to something drastic!

Who knows what may have happened if she didn’t hear any reply or feel there is support in the world for her anywhere?

How many people are we surrounded by who are silently suffering like this and don’t know who they can talk to.

I would bet that everyone feels alone inside to some degree at times.

There are selfless service opportunities are all around us, but we can’t necessarily see them all.

Our tiny acts of love will have transformative and even possibly life-saving effects on those around us.

And when we feel like we have been of use and value to someone, that is what produces true fulfillmentlife’s deepest joy,

That definitely explains why selfless service is so effective at blasting us out of depression.

I know personally, the times I have felt the most depressed in life have been accompanied by feeling useless and worthless, like I didn’t have anything to give to the world.

When we feel like we can contribute and help – we inevitably feel happier.

So don’t discount the power of that 20 second or that one minute act of loving kindness.

Loving moments are what create all the beauty in this world.

We need each other. We need community. We need to serve and be served to thrive as human beings.

For every one of you reading this you, remember that you have a loving support community here with the rest of us who love you and accept you completely as you are.

And you have the opportunity to give that same love to others in the group.

There are people in the TAL Mastermind who consistently comment on other’s posts, and it’s clear that this small act of love goes a long way.

The small acts of love we give are actually huge acts.

So don’t make selfless service hard on yourself. It’s the love that you share that matters, not the quantity of time you share.

The deep gratitude expressed in the mastermind, for all the kind words and support is evidence of the true service it is.

Betty Horn said the other day: “Thank you Aaron, Angela, and Charli, for all your kind words. You help me to see my self-worth, despite my life challenges.

And that is the same gift you give to others every time you do anything out of loving kindness…

…You help them feel and see their own self-worth.

What greater gift could you give someone than that?

I don’t think any of us can really even fathom how much power there is in the loving acts of kindness we do for each other.

Love heals.

Love transforms.

Service is pure love.

Give – Day 21 – Break from the daily emails

Tomorrow you won’t hear from me, but in two days I’ll share a story of loving service that healed and transformed my own life.

Until then, keep loving. Keep serving. And don’t forget to love yourself also.

Make Today Amazing!