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Give – Day 17 – What treasure do you value most?

If you are anything like me, planned selfless service each day is easy to overlook.

Without the reminder of the habit to serve I quickly fall off track.

That’s why I have it listed on my Truly Amazing Morning Routine weekly tracker – to give myself the best chance of remembering and staying in the habit.

You can print out the tracker here – using this will help you stay on track with not only this habit, but all 12 of the habits of a truly amazing life.

I use this personal guide daily to keep myself on track.

I place a fresh copy at the front of my journal each week and I highly recommend you implement a similar practice of accountability.

Holding yourself accountable in writing and having a daily reminder will make a HUGE difference in your ability to establish the habits of a Truly Amazing Life.

But what if you find yourself struggling like I do somedays?

What about when you accidentally allow yourself to get sucked into the whirlwind of life’s busy-ness and you get off track for a day (or two…or three)?

Does that mean your chances are shot for building this habit of selfless service?

Is it all or nothing?

The good news is, no. It’s not ‘all or nothing’.

If you are an actual mortal like me – you’re likely to miss some days.

Don’t worry about it! Worrying can only every be detrimental.

Think about it this way…

Even if you only did ‘planned selfless service’ 3 out of the 30 days this month, that’s 3 days better than ZERO.

You did some good and you moved in the right direction.

Obviously the goal is to get into the habit of daily service – but this is not the only month you will work on this habit.

You will take this weekly tracker and these teachings forward forever. So just do your best.

Even if you miss half the days this month you’ll still be better off than you were.

Of course it’s best if you can do AT LEAST ONE small thing per day and write about it…

…Because the more consistent you are, the faster it will become habit and turn into a powerful transformative blessing in your life.

That’s why I place so much importance on keeping your minimum daily personal goal SUPER small….it keeps it from becoming overwhelming.

Remember…small is best for getting habits.

But this is a good time to discuss what this is all about and why we are doing this.

We all need two things in order to bring about lasting beneficial change in our life: a WHY and a HABIT.

But the WHY always has to come first…

…Or we won’t have the discipline to take the actions required daily to establish the habit.

The habit is critical though – because that’s what keeps us true to our WHY throughout life – rather than just forgetting.

So why selfless service?

Let’s just discuss one aspect of it right now – giving to the poor and needy – but these same principles apply to ALL selfless service acts.

The Christian texts of the new and old testaments discuss this topic in a way that applies to all people universally.

In proverbs 28:27 it says: “He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack.”

In Matthew 19:20, a rich young man who said he was following the 10 commandments given to Moses asked Jesus ‘what lack I yet?’

And Jesus told him: If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.”

And the man went away sad because he had so many possessions and he was unwilling to part with them.

It’s easy to think of ‘treasure in heaven’ as just some mysterious blessing promised to people when they die.

But the reality is ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’ is all around us right now, and every single person on the planet, regardless of race, religion, or anything else,

…Can experience ‘treasure in heaven’ TODAY.

We can hold ourselves in the bondage and misery of a self-made hell on earth, just by focusing on ourselves and making self-gratification our primary aim.

Inevitably this leads to despair, loneliness, and internal pain.

Or we can live in heaven on earth right now – the true fulfillment and the deep joy that can only be experienced through giving ourselves in selfless service.

The young man with Jesus was sorrowful because he couldn’t let go of his ‘physical’ treasures in exchange for the ‘spiritual’ treasures.

Heavenly treasure is spiritual, internal peace, and joy – and it is the natural byproduct of selfless service.

Perhaps giving to the poor and the needy is one of the best ways to serve selflessly – I don’t know.

Personally – I find the ‘heavenly treasure’ of peace and joy whenever I serve selflessly in any way.

Living life in a giving state of love is the happiest way I know to live.

So that is the WHY.

For deep love. For true joy. For amazing relationships with others.

Now…make sure to take action today.

Write down at least one thing you will do to serve, then do it.

That’s how you can Make Today Amazing!