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Give – Day 15 – Why writing is so important

In preparing this training for you I had a feeling I should spend more time discussing the importance of writing…

…Then ONE day later I got this exact question in my inbox from one person doing the training:

Just wondering why writing things down is important. I don’t seem to be able to do that. I guess one reason is…what if someone else was to read what I have written? Not sure really.”

Did you know those kind of feelings like I had happen all the time…to everyone?

Are you aware of the feelings you have? Are you paying attention to your feelings and emotions?

Today let’s address that awareness topic, because that is exactly why writing about service is important.

We can most certainly get the habit of service without writing about it…

But writing is super valuable because it increases our awareness in these 4 distinct ways:

FIRST: It opens us to a greater awareness and sensitivity to other people’s needs

…By thoughtfully considering in advance, the people or groups that could use our help.

This enhances our habit of service and makes it more meaningful and impactful for everyone.

SECOND: When we commit in writing we are vastly more likely to remember & do it.

And if we forget, but we have the regular habit of looking at our journal and checking in each day, we will be reminded.

We stay more aware of the most important things when we take time to write them.

THIRD: We become more aware of our feelings and emotions.

Writing down how we feel about our service actions acknowledges our feelings on a deeper level.

We start to see patterns – such as how it feels to serve in certain ways, or any negative feelings we may have in certain areas that we weren’t aware of.

We can certainly do this without writing…but writing brings greater awareness.

What you are reading right now is an example of this.

I ‘felt’ I should write about ‘writing’, and very clearly there was someone with a question who was seeking that answer.

We have many feelings for reasons we can’t possibly see.

I can’t say I understand the full intricacies of how that works exactly…

but our feelings and emotions are the things that dictate our direction and experience of life.

So it is super helpful to be keenly aware of them.

Our feelings are our guidance system in life.

Each of us are controlled by our emotions to the degree we are not aware of our emotions.

We have the power to shape and guide our own emotions and the states we live in…

but we aren’t able to exercise that power without awareness.

The greater our awareness the greater our power.

Writing down our feelings always throws greater awareness at them.

FOURTH: The habit of writing regularly will keep selfless service in top of mind awareness throughout life.

This daily reminder message from me about service is going to end after this month.

But the habit of writing even just a sentence on your feelings about the service you do each day will keep your awareness high.

The 12 Habits are the anchors and The Posters are the lighthouses

When the inevitable storms of life come, and the winds blow, and distraction, stress, or other life changes threaten to carry us out to sea where we flounder and feel lost…

These little habits, firmly in place, are like anchors holding us steady.

But of course, most anchors lose their hold over time and need to be re-set.

Nobody perfectly keeps up all the 12 habits of a Truly Amazing Life all the time.

That’s why the lighthouses are so valuable.

The 12 Pillars Poster and the 12 Habits Poster and The Truly Amazing Morning Weekly Tracker are the lighthouses on the shore.

When it’s dark and we find ourself tossed out to sea, they show us the way.

They are always there, shining the light brightly…constantly guiding us back to the still waters of peaceful harbors.

We can keep the lights on by keeping the posters on our walls.

Finally, what if other people see your writing?

First – if that is a concern that holds you back – keep your journals private, in a place where you only see them.

Second – Ask yourself, is anything bad actually going to happen if people see that you have intentions to serve other people?

When I was younger I was much more private with my writing – more insecure about people seeing what I wrote.

These days I have published many of my intimate personal journal entries for all the world to see.

Everyone is at their own place in life in this area, there’s no right or wrong way here.

Take things at your own pace.

If privacy is important for you…just keep your journal close to you and keep it private.

It’s important for you to feel comfortable letting your deepest thoughts out of your head and onto paper…

…Where they can take on new life and bless you with peace, direction and understanding.

So write about your feelings today…let writing bless you with awareness!

Make today amazing!