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Enjoy – Day 18 – A fresh female perspective on the importance of Moving Your Body.

Today I’ve got a special treat for you…

…I interviewed my amazing wife Nan so I could share her valuable perspective on the habit of Moving Your Body Daily.

I happen to be the luckiest man in the world to be called her husband.

Which means you happen to be lucky also, because now you get to hear some wise words from a wonderful example of someone who loves and nurtures her body.

You can learn more about Nan’s awesomeness on her blog…from natural births to, to raising 4 kids, to multiple podium finishes in national championship road races…

…she is truly inspiring.  So without further ado…here’s a short interview with Nan:

How important is moving your body in your life?

“Moving my body is essential to my mental and emotional wellbeing.”

“It contributes to my confidence, peace, and energy.”

Why is it so essential for you to move your body?

“Exercise gives me that morning rush of endorphins and energy to start my day.”

“It also sets the tone for loving and nurturing myself, which carries forth throughout the day in all of my actions.”

“I often have thoughts and inspiration come to me while I’m exercising.”

“It’s a form of meditation for me.”

“Exercise makes me feel empowered and accomplished.”

What is the difference in your quality of life when you move your body daily vs. not doing it?

“If I start my day off with exercise, the whole day can go south and I can still feel good, knowing that at least I nurtured my body and took that time to meditate and center myself that day.”

“The times in my life when I’ve been out of the exercise routine have been during each of my four pregnancies when I always lacked the energy and motivation to exercise regularly.”

“During those times I felt more resentful, jealous, and lonely because I allowed the needs of my kids and husband to crowd out the need for “me time.”

“When I love myself and care for myself first by taking the time to exercise, I am more equipped to love and care for my family with a more positive, charitable attitude.”

What are your favorite ways to move, and what are your routines?

“Running is my favorite. I love to lace up and go first thing in the morning, before the kids are awake and before I get started on anything else.”

“I also love cycling, resistance training, yoga, and dynamic stretching as time permits. I’ve been through different phases in my life with my exercise routine.”

“It seems the one I keep coming back to is about five days per week of running with one day of cycling and a rest day on Sunday.”

Has your love for your body and your self shifted over the years?

“In times past, I have slipped into the pattern of exercising just so I could eat whatever I wanted or exercising as a form of punishment for eating too much dessert the night before.”

“I was not really loving my body at all, just seeing my imperfections.”

“Now I think of exercise more from a place of loving and nurturing my body.”

“I focus my attention on the many things I love about my body and mostly how great my body feels when I honor and nurture it through exercise.”

“I see food as fuel for this powerful machine that I can do so much good with.”

“I feel so much better and can do much more good when I eat quality food and exercise daily.”

“A friend once said to me “I wish I liked running because I want a runner’s body.”

“I think approaching exercise through vanity and wishful “good looks” is the wrong idea and probably won’t last through those tough days when you really feel sluggish and don’t want to exercise at all.”

“Everyone’s body has its own beautiful differences. A certain type of exercise isn’t going to suddenly make you look much different.”

“Yes, you can attain a certain level of lean, healthy looking body through regular exercise, but its easy to get caught in the vicious cycle of always wanting more, and never feeling content with our body.”

“If we can seek exercise not because of how it will make us look, but because of how it will make us feel, that will be longer lasting and more motivating.”

“The benefits that are most impactful for me are the energy, contentmentnurturing, and love I feel for myself when I MOVE MY BODY.”

There you have it.  Love your self!  Move your body.

Make Today Amazing.