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Create – Day 6 – Expose negativity instead of identifying with it.

“Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Remember that as you practice daily inner connection.

Now here’s one more challenge you may face in this process:

What about when you’re angry, upset, confused, or annoyed?”

This is an important time to open up a dialogue in writing with yourself!

Let your anger out in writing…you may be enlightened to see what you’re really feeling inside.

It’s common to repress anger, because we don’t like to see that in ourselves.

But inside each of us there’s a battle that never ends – our ego, or small self vs. our Soul, or higher self.

We get off track when we allow ourselves to identify with our ego – rather than just recognizing it as the small self that it is…

…But the ego’s MAIN GOAL is to trick us into believing IT IS us!

That’s the only way it has any power.

Everyone is affected by this force of resistance inside.

Denying it, and pretending it doesn’t exist isn’t healthy.

It’s much better to get the hate out of our head where it can be exposed to the light of day.

And what better place than on paper?

If you go spewing forth your anger to other people (other than therapists), even the most loving, most supportive can only handle so much!

And if the anger is directed toward those close to us, that definitely doesn’t go off well!

So we tend to bottle it up.

Besides, it makes us feel weak to admit hateful or angry feelings.

So when you’re mad…write what you’re mad about!

Scream it out on paper!

This is your space and nobody else is going to see it.

Destroy it afterward if you must – though this is some of the most valuable stuff to learn about yourself.

Getting your real, raw emotions out on paper is extremely therapeutic, healthy and healing.

Suppressing and repressing emotion by bottling it up inside is a sure recipe for depression, sickness, and pain showing up all over your body.

My wife was suffering with a lot of neck and back pain.

Massage therapy helped a little.

But the day she got back from meeting with a counselor to air her inner burdens of thought and emotion, the pain vanished.

Releasing negative emotion and thought is healing.

And you can do it every day, any time, just by speaking your mind in writing!

Sometimes I get into it with my ego. The ego is always lying, conniving, and twisting everything around.

But when we get the ego talking on paper, then we can put it in its rightful place.

Here’s an example from my journal just the other day:

me: “Wow. You’re so loving are you? Doesn’t seem all that loving to me. As you treat your children with harshness. You’re kind of pathetic right now it seems.”

Me: “Yeah. True. I’ve got issues. No I don’t! Or yes I do! Who cares! Everyone has issues.”

“Don’t try to tell me I’m the only one who lacks integrity in this world.It’s a battle going on for everyone at some point.”

“I truly am sorry. I want to live in love. So you can take a hike! I don’t need your anger. I don’t need your revenge. I don’t need your smallness.”

“I already told you…I know who I am! So get out of here. I’m done with your B.S. I’ve got a job to do and a family to love and I don’t have time for this.”

Sometimes you just have to take a stand against the foolish lies being promoted by your ego in your head…

…And the quickest way to do it is expose them to light in writing.

If we don’t ever expose them, we don’t realize that the reason we ever feel horrible and depressed is because we’re being run over by a dump-truck full of lies non-stop in our heads.

So, whether you’re speaking to God inside, or the devil, or yourself, or whomever – have those conversations.

Use the inner connection process to plug in daily so you can hear your true inner voice.

Let’s recap some of the key points of the inner connection process:

1 – Write to your inner voice daily – your connection with your soul is the most vital thing to peace in life.

2 – You have access to THE ultimate source of: knowledge, inspiration, guidance, genius, peace, and love. When you tap in you’ll be amazed.

3 – Just ask your higher self, or God, questions and listen for answers in your thoughts.

Write. Then ask more. Just have a back-and-forth dialogue. There’s nothing mysterious about conversing with yourself in your thoughts.

4 – Humbly seek for guidance – trusting that your higher self can and will give it.

5 – Don’t be afraid to express ALL emotion including the negative: Anger, Sadness, Despair, Hatred, Jealousy – these things are in ALL of us, but they are NOT us. They need to be exposed to be resolved.

You’ll get a break from me tomorrow, but keep on writing!

We’ll move into the Vision & Theme creation process next.

Make Today Amazing!