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Create – Day 27 – Go forth and Create The Life You Want!

We’ve covered a lot together this month!

I know it was probably too much to really implement all in one month but I really wanted to arm you with the tools for creation to take with you for the rest of the year.

Let’s recap what we covered together so we can tie it all together.

Here are the 4 Key Results I hope we have achieved together this month:

1 – A deep understanding of why consistent writing is the most important practice in creating the life you want.

Are you more convicted in the benefits writing can produce in your daily life?

Have you established the beginnings of a regular habit of writing?

I know that if you have – it will bless your life immensely for the rest of your life…like it has for me.

2 – The habit of Daily Inner Connection through journal writing

As promised, I made a huge emphasis on this in our discussions throughout the month.

This habit and the next item are the two most important things I hope you have walked away with from this month of training and focus.

3 – A powerful Vision & Theme for your life for next year.

As I mentioned on day one this month…

“You will not create the life you truly want if you don’t have a written vision statement for your life.”

If you have now done this, congratulations!!

You are set up to create the life you want better than probably 95% of the human population.

If you haven’t done it yet – don’t let life carry on before just getting some type of vision for your life down in writing.

Something is better than nothing – this doesn’t have to be perfect!

Even if you literally just sat down and wrote out one page right now of everything you want to have happen this year…that is SUFFICIENT!

You can do that in the next 30 minutes.

It doesn’t matter if that’s not the ‘best’ or the ‘ideal’ way…

…PERFECT is the enemy of DONE.

DONE is the only way anything is ever WON.

Please don’t allow yourself to leave this month without at least a draft of a vision and theme to guide you

…Your life is too meaningful to just leave it to happenstance…

…Which is what happens without written plans and visions.

Your one-page written vision will bless your life with incredible energy and clarity of purpose all year long…and beyond.

4 – A journal system and a tool chest of 8 powerful processes to enhance your life

Here’s a review of the 8 tools for excavating the thoughts from your mind and creating a beautiful life with them…

1 – The Brain Dump – Used often for clarity, relieving pressure and heaviness, and just letting go.

2 – Inner Connection Writing – Perhaps the most immediately rewarding of all writing – the core of the daily journaling practice.

3 – Creative Writing – freely playing with the building blocks of your imagination without restraint. An intermittent practice to be used when you’re feeling good.

4 – Service & Compliments – The foundation for expanding your awareness of others – an important, very quick daily practice for empowering others and enhancing your relationships.

5 – The Idea Machine – A simple way to exercise the mind muscle for opportunities and growth.

6 – Scripting – Architecting your day to go your way – practicing positive expectation and real time creation.

7 – Big Dreaming – Opening your mind and opening your options. A safe place to capture and nurture your dreams whenever and however they show up.

8 – Vision & Theme Creation – The yearly & quarterly process of setting your intention and charting the course of where you want to go in life.

So there you have it…

I think I’ve done all I can to help you achieve those 4 key results this month.

I hope it has blessed your life…

…But I know that your personal action is actually the critical ingredient required for massive improvement in your life.

Please keep in touch. Let me know how you are doing.

Ask for help in the TAL Mastermind and share your experiences.

I’m so grateful to you for joining me in this entire course.

I’m honored and humbled by the opportunity to share with you.

As I picture you sitting in your home, writing in your journal, striving to connect to your inner soul – my heart goes out to you.

I feel we are connected.

Even though I can’t see your face or even know for sure who is reading this…

…I feel of your desire to improve, to connect, to love life, and to create a life of beauty and art

…And I honor you for that.

I love you for your passion for growth and for life…

…You reading this right now is evidence alone of that.

You are amazing. Even if nobody else has told you that lately – or you haven’t reminded yourself – believe it! It’s true.

Keep on loving writing, and we’ll connect again on the next pillar!

And keep on Making Today Amazing 🙂