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Create – Day 26 – Are you tapping into your team of invisible counselors?

Before we wrap up on this topic of ‘Create The Life You Want’, tomorrow we’ll review everything we’ve covered this month…

…I know it was a lot – so I think it will help a lot to have a final recap and reminder in one place.

But today – I want to focus one final day on: the incredible value of connection to your higher inner self.

Here’s another aspect of inner connection we haven’t discussed yet…

What about speaking to people you love or admire who are dead?

Napoleon Hill who wrote “Think and grow rich”, one of the most impactful self-help books ever written, talks about how he enlists his very own board of advisors of the most inspiring dead people he can think of.

He literally imagines himself sitting around the table with who he calls his “invisible counselors”, which include the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, and others.

He made a compelling case for imagining yourself conversing with and interacting with wise or loving people who have passed on.

Much of his inspiration and guidance in life came from imagined conversations with these wise souls.

Was he actually getting guidance from them?? Nobody can prove that of course…

…But his life and millions of others have been enhanced because he attempted to tap into their minds!

This is one other use of the inner connection journal.

You can create your own dream team of invisible counselors!

Choose anyone who inspires you – learn everything you can about them – and then pretend to converse with them.

Remember…inner connection is just going within and starting up a dialogue.

There’s no rule about who you can or cannot talk to in your own inner world!

I strike up conversations with all sorts of people in my inner connection journal.

I’m often fascinated and surprised by the feelings and inspiration that surface.

It’s just one more reason to love the inner connection process so much.

It’s your daily opportunity to explore the spiritual universe however and with whomever you want!

Often when not dialoguing with God or my self – I speak to my mother or my father-in-law, both of whom passed away years ago.

As I converse with my Mom in writing I can see her smiling face beaming at me in my mind.

I feel her love for me so strong it almost always brings me to tears.

I imagine what she would say to me if she were sitting right there by me…

…and it all feels extremely real.

As I think of the people I love so much, and imagine what they think of me, and what they would say to me, I write it down…

…And I am always amazed at by the compassionate, loving thoughts flooding into my mind and out onto paper.

Sometimes I receive wonderful guidance…but mostly I just feel incredibly loved.

For me, the feeling and experience is so real and so tangible that it makes me feel that the world of spirit is all around us and people we consider dead are actually alive and well, and closer than we often realize.

But whatever your belief is, don’t let your beliefs stop you from simply imagining and benefiting from the energy that is produced when you think of loving, inspiring people who have died.

Talk to your higher self.

Talk to God.

Talk to your family members.

Talk to any person from history you are inspired by!

Every time you consciously direct your attention to these other people’s perspective, somehow you tap into their love, wisdom and counsel.

It’s a remarkable thing. It will produce amazing feelings of joy as well as guidance.

If you came away with an improved connection with your inner self this month – that alone will satisfy me that this course was worth the effort to create and produce.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for support on anything we’ve covered this month if you need it.

One final thought on making daily writing joyful today before we wrap up:

This may seem like a trivial thing, but make sure to…

Find a pen you enjoy writing with!

This makes a bigger difference than you may think in thoroughly enjoying daily writing.

My pen of choice is the pilot g-2 retractable Gel Ink rolling Ball – fine tip 0.7mm pen. Here’s a link to the exact pen I like best.

This is by far my favorite writing pen because the ink flows out smoothly with dark coverage and contrast.

Any old regular ball point ink pen just doesn’t do it for me.

The gel rolling ball pens flow so much smoother and are less tiring on the hand.

Having a reliable pen that always works and flows smoothly is like having a fast, nice computer to do your work on.

Without it, joy is diminished, and frustration can lead to not writing at all…which doesn’t help anything.

So get yourself a smooth, comfortable pen and get connected today!

We’ll wrap up tomorrow, meanwhile…

…Make Today Amazing!