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Create – Day 24 – 3 more questions and answers on the vision creation process

Did you beat back any resistance yesterday by just taking action?

YES!I know you can do it.

Make life easier on yourself – use super small actions to get into motion and you will crush resistance.

I’m super excited for you to come away with a vision and theme for your life this month.

Let’s talk about a couple more challenges you may face:

1 – “I’m not really sure what I want for my future?”

If you’re in section 3 and answering the “what do I want?” questions and struggling…

…Really try to imagine yourself sitting where you are one year from today.

Close your eyes imagine yourself moving through the day.

Then answer the questions in section 3 in the workbook from that place where you envision yourself.

We’re just going out one year, but it’s OK if you find yourself envisioning stuff that may not be realistic for two or three years.

Write it all down.

The initial process is a rough draft process.

Just blurt anything and everything out onto paper.

What you write could be a 25 year vision…it doesn’t matter at this stage!

Section three in the workbook is like a brain dump – a total rough draft – it’s no place for perfection.

Let your mind roam free on what you want…let it just spill out…using the questions as a guide to spur your thinking.

2 – “I’m struggling to boil down what I want to a concise theme statement and word.”

In the 4th section – coming up with a Theme for the year – here’s how you do it:

Just read through your answers to section three and pay attention to an overall theme or themes…

…Then write the words that come to mind.

For example, in my 2014 preparation process, lots of the things I had written had to do with connecting deeper and improving the relationship with my wife

…So that was an obvious theme.

I wrote ideas like this: “Connect with Nan. Feel really unified in my relationship with Nan. Get the TAL business running profitably and helping a lot more people. Serve the TAL Family in big ways.”

These were the ‘theme’ ideas that were converging from all the writing in section 3 on what I wanted.

Next, just try to write a sentence or two combining those into one statement.

Just take a stab at it.

Here’s an example of combining what I wrote earlier:

“This is the year Nan and I get really unified and connected in our relationship, and the TAL business starts running profitably and serving the TAL Family members in a big way”

That right there could be a sufficient theme statement for the year.

This doesn’t have to be a work of art!

But feel free to refine it a few times and get it saying just what feels best to you.

You should then have one or two sentences that briefly state the top 1 to 3 things that are most important to you this year.

If you have too many ‘most important things’ then you end up with none at all.

FOCUS – One or two main priorities for the year is ideal.

Once you do that, look at your statement and write ideas of words that tie the entire statement together in one word.

I wrote: Love, Connection, Unity, Success.

And I couldn’t come up with the right word for a few days.

That’s ok. You may need to sleep on this and ponder it.

Eventually I realized the best feeling word for me was Unity…

…Unity with my wife and with the TAL Family.

And I ended with the word UNITE as my word for the year.

Then I finalized the theme statement like this:

“2014 is the year I unite with Nan in a bond of deep, passionate love and friendship. And the TAL Family is united in a strong bond of life loving friendship and support.”

That’s it!

You can do it.

Just work through the process systematically and don’t get hung up on perfection.

You can always edit this any time throughout the year!

Remember…perfection is the enemy of progress…you’re aiming for progress.

Now, the final question to consider:

“How do I compile my visions onto a one page sheet of paper?”

Just do the same process as above and write out complete sentences describing your wants from section 3.

Much of what you wrote will transfer directly into your vision statements.

Write out in 3 to 6 paragraphs just dumping your answers in from section 3.

Then go back and edit, take out any duplicate or less important items, until you get it down to about a page.

In the word processor you may want to widen all the margins so you can fit more on one page.

If you go to a page and a half – or if you like bigger fonts that’s no problem!

The idea is to get it as concise as possible so you will use it consistently – too long makes it harder to review daily.

We’ll wrap up the vision creation discussion tomorrow…Keep up the great work!

You’ll be really glad you did this important work to create the life you want.

Make Today Amazing!