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Create – Day 22 – Dream Big. ALL things are possible

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C. S. Lewis

Let’s talk about another fun section of our journal – Big Dreaming

But before we do – are you all set up by now with a journal system?

Do you have at least 8 different tabs or sections for the different processes to make it easy to access them?

Big Dreaming is the final process we’ll discuss this month and the final tab I recommend keeping in the journal.

Here’s a review of how to quickly set up your journal system for success in case you need some clarification.

– Get a 1 inch 3-ring binder and put 8 divider tabs inside it.

– In the very front before all the tabs I like to place a copy of the the Weekly Habit Tracker and the Weekly Priority Tracking sheet.

– Here’s the tab order to load up the binder with:

1 – Vision & Theme

2 – Inner Connection

3 – Service & Compliments

4 – Brain Dump

5 – Idea Machine

6 – Creative Writing

7 – Scripting

8 – Big Dreaming

That order is not critical, and you can also add any other tabs you want for your own customization.

I love having my journal always handy during the day.

I literally use this system to guide my whole life – it is a faithful companion that greatly enhances my quality of life.

It’s really convenient to have an organized system, always at the ready, to capture thoughts and help you create the life you want.

Now, on to the process we’ll discuss today…

What is the Big Dreaming process?

This one is super simple: Anytime you have any idea or dream – no matter how ridiculous or far fetched it feels – write it down in your Big Dreaming section!

That’s it.

This is simply a place to capture any dreams or aspirations you have and keep them in one spot.

There are no other rules for this process.

It’s just a space you create for yourself to let your dreams run free!

There are no limitations in this section of your journal.

There are no restrictions to your dreams.

This is where you allow your dreams unbridled access to roam whatever pastures, or forests, or hills they want to roam.

“I want to go the moon someday!”

Perfect! It’s your dream!

“I dream of eating a a flavor of ice cream that is so amazingly delicious my taste buds stand in awe for weeks!”


No dream is too big and none are too small.

The beauty of capturing your dreams in one place is manyfold, but here are some of the great reasons why to do this:

You keep your creativity flowing – instead of withering away through lack of use.

You free your mind to keep dreaming, rather than feeling squashed, trapped and limited. If you think it, and write it, you’ve captured it – and there is some possibility of it.

– You begin the creative process of attracting your dreams into your life and initiating circumstances that move you toward those dreams

Dreaming is super fun!It’s so easy to get caught up in life’s duties that we stop dreaming altogether – and that is a dull life.

Using this process reinvigorates your dream muscles which adds energy and life to your years – and will probably add years to your life.

When we’re dreaming we’re happy!

When we’re trudging along without a dream and vision we’re miserable.

Having this section in your journal and using it any time you have any dreams pop in your head will enhance your life.

You can review the list periodically which reinvigorates you about the dreams you’ve had – and may spur you to new action when the time is right.

Later you may scratch off some dreams, realizing – “I don’t want that at all”.

Great! Let them go if you don’t like them anymore.

But use this Big Dreaming to open your mind and heart to the joy of dreaming again and expanding what you believe to be possible.

One of my favorite quotes of all time, and which I repeat every single day at least once is this:

“ALL things are possible to him who believes.” – Jesus Christ

That ALL is capitalized in my affirmations sheet for a reason.

There is no equivocation in that statement – and I like to emphasize it.

I don’t know how it works, but I choose to believe it – and this dreaming process helps me remember it.

Allow yourself to Dream Big.

Even though you’ve had dreams that maybe didn’t happen in your life as you hoped – allow yourself to keep believing that all things are possible – and just write it down.

You really never know how things may be possible.

Of course not every single thing you ever dream will happen – but that’s okay.

It’s still helpful to be reminded that anything is possible.

That belief produces an amazing feeling of joy and enthusiasm for life.

So Dream Big! And every time you do – write it down in your journal.

You’ll love having this archive of dreams to revel in any time.

Make Today Amazing!