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Create – Day 2 – Make sure your journal system is set up for success

Time to dive right in! The first step to the journaling habit is setting up a simple journaling system.

I’ll start today by sharing my exact journal system set up now.

Keep in mind, it’s not required that you do it just like me…you may already have a system that works great for you.

You can copy my exact system, or modify it to suit what works best for you…there is no right or wrong here.

The important thing is that you have a system in place that is consistent that you like.

To receive full benefit from the journaling processes you’ll learn this month – it’s extremely important to have specific places set apart for writing on specific topics.


– It enables you to dive deeper in each area

– It allows you to easily locate your notes for review.

– It gives you clear compartments to work in which is essential for clarity of mind.

Remember the 8 powerful process I told you about?

Those are 8 different sections you’ll want (as a minimum) in your journals.

Sure, you could lug around 8 different journals in order to have a set apart space for writing in each area…

…But there’s an easier way.

Here’s how I set up my journal system for consistency and success:

To simplify the ‘multiple journal’ issue I use just ONE 3-Ring Binder as my only journal.

I load one binder with lined paper and separate it with divider tabs for my different journal sections.

I just use a simple set of 8 divider tabs I can write on like these linked here.

One tab for each of the 8 processes I like to do regularly.

I put my tabs in the binder in this order:

Vision & Theme, Inner Connection, Service & Compliments, Brain Dump, Idea Machine, Creative Writing, Scripting, Big Dreaming.

With this setup, I only need to go to one place for all my personal journaling.

And my one journal easily travels with me anywhere.

Mobility is super important for many reasons that you’ll see as you go along, and that’s not easy using multiple journals.

Before the very first tab, I insert a fresh Weekly Habit Tracking sheet & Priority Tracking sheet each week – which I use throughout each day to keep myself on track.

When my journal gets full, I remove some sheets and place them in archive binders on my shelf…

…One for each different topic.

Maybe you want to customize this system to feel just right for you…but regardless of how you do it…

…A system for consistency is extremely important.

One other benefit of the 3-Ring Binder system is it allows an entire stack of pages to be digitally scanned into a computer very quickly and easily.

With bound paper journals this would be a tedious process of copying one page at a time.

But your personal journals are priceless possessions – you will be glad you preserved them.

Some may ask…why not just use a computer to journal? A program like evernote?

I did that for about 4 years actually…and that’s fine if that is your strong preference, or if writing with a pen doesn’t work for you for some reason…

Any method of journaling that you actually do regularly will benefit you.

But there is something uniquely powerful about writing by hand if you are able…

…It engages the mind and body more completely.

Also, there are less distractions.

There’s something serene about sitting in a comfortable chair, just you and your thoughts, disconnected from the internet, with a pen and a blank white sheet of paper.

There’s a fresh feeling to opening up a clean slate and starting anew each day.

The computer just doesn’t quite evoke the same emotions.

There’s also something really nice about physically holding your journal, and not having your journal get buried in digital archives somewhere.

This simple binder journal with sections is the best system I’ve found for impactful, consistent daily journaling.

But however you choose to do it – I encourage you to get it started now.

Having a journal system that works for you is key to creating the consistency you need to get into the habit of journaling.

If you don’t have a binder and divider tabs already laying around – don’t let that stop you from writing today on whatever paper or journal you have.

But as soon as you can, get some lined paper, a binder, and some dividers and get yourself a simple system set up.

And today, just spend some time writing about whatever thoughts are on your mind…

…Tomorrow we’ll begin to discuss the process of Inner Connection

And one more thing – if you get a simple binder like this with plastic sleeves on the front and back…

…You can print The 12 Pillars of a TAL Poster and The 12 Habits of a TAL Poster and slide them in the front and back like this…

Makes an otherwise dull looking binder look beautiful and also serve as a powerful reminder of how to live.

Make Today Amazing!