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Create – Day 18 – Are you learning to listen to your inner voice?

Did you try out the Idea Machine Process yesterday?

It’s okay if not – I know there are a lot of writing processes I’ve given you…

…If you only have time for one – start with the most important – Inner Connection.

But I do recommend you at least try the idea machine process and make that section available in your journal…

…It can be a simple and powerful mini-process that can greatly bless your life.

Just like doing 10 pushups each day is super simple and quick – this can be too.

It doesn’t need to be hard.

It’s the simple seeds we plant daily by turning small action into habit…

…That will blossom into a beautiful harvest of value in our life over time.

I’m grateful for the habit of consistently exercising my mental muscle because I’m constantly harvesting abundance from the garden of ripe ideas daily now.

It’s the same with every mini-habit we create.

At first anything we start can feel hard.

But it always gets easier as it turns to habit and as we build strength.

I promise this will happen with your mind if you exercise it using the idea machine.

Don’t make it more complex than it needs to be…it can take literally one minute.

And don’t overthink the ideas – just blurt out whatever crazy ideas you have on a topic.

And remember this…

You have within you an infinite source of GENIUS IDEAS that will blow your mind when you tap into them…

…And they will bless your life immensely.

“Do not follow the ideas of others, but learn to listen to the voice within yourself. Your body and mind will become clear and you will realize the unity of all things.” – Dogen (Zen Buddhist teacher, 1200-1253 AD)

Your inner voice is, simply put: AMAZING

This Idea Machine process will help you start listening to your inner voice more also.

And on that note…

Are you practicing speaking to your inner voice regularly in writing?

Your personal connection to your inner voice each day will bless your life more than just about any other thing I can think of.

And it’s hard to listen to that inner voice, if we don’t regularly open up an actual dialogue with it.

When that Zen master said your body and mind will become clear – he was not just blowing smoke…

…Your mind truly will become clear!

It is amazing the peace and clarity that comes when we connect to our true inner self.

It’s also amazing, when we look at things from the highest perspective – how we realize the unity of all things.

And realizing the oneness of all things automatically instills a compassion in your heart that radically improves your quality of life.

So give yourself the gift of connecting to YOU daily in writing – in the Inner Connection section of your journal.

And what if you don’t feel like you are connecting?

What about those times when you’re writing and feeling dead or empty inside.

Just hollow words coming out of a pen onto paper.

Would should you do then?

Keep writing!

Keep at it each day.

Even if you don’t feel like you connected today – do it again tomorrow.

Each day is a new adventure and a different experience.

Some days tears stream down my face as I feel overcome by the love welling up from my inner self.

Other days the connection feels weaker…the mind is distracted, eager to move on to the tasks of the day…

…Or busy processing some big issue of life that’s going on…kids, family, work, etc.

In those times when it’s harder to connect to ourselves, right here, right now…

…When we feel like our mind is spinning off into the future or languishing back in the pool of the past regretting…

…What can we do to plug in to RIGHT NOW and connect?


Write about those regrets!

Or write about those future spins!

Bring them right here to this present moment of now by focusing them onto your paper.

Start a dialogue about them with your SELF.

Like this for example: “Wow…my mind seems really preoccupied with that issue with my kid’s school.”

“Hmm…how does that make you feel?”

“I feel anxious and a bit stressed about it.”

“Why do you feel that way? Tell me more.”

“Because I just don’t know how it’s going to turn out, and I really want him to go to that school. It brings up all sorts of questions about everything.”

“Hmm, what questions?”

It’s really not critical how you converse with your self, just that you DO it and open up that dialogue regularly.

Starting the conversation makes it possible to then listen – and hear your inner voice.

By doing this – you bring your mind to a present NOW focus.

Being present in the here and now inevitably lightens your load and leads in the direction of clarity, peace, and power.

So keep on writing!

Use your pen to get real and present.

Make Today Amazing!