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Create – Day 17 – To improve your life, improve your ideas.

Have you taken the helm of the ship of your life and started working through the vision creation process?

I hope you’re not tiring of me asking you…but it’s too important for you to let it slide by.

My greatest desire this month is that you walk away with a written vision statement and a deeper connection to your inner self

…And I feel I’d be letting you down if I don’t do everything I can to help you along on that.

So even though I’m going to discuss an entirely different writing process today – please focus on those first two if you haven’t begun them in earnest yet.

Now, let’s discuss another writing process that will exercise your mental muscle and open all sorts of opportunity in your life.

Becoming a person who’s mind overflows with innovative ideas will open opportunities in the workplace and business that you never dreamed possible.

It will also open opportunities to serve and bless your family, friendships, & community.

And it only takes a small amount of work to become an innovative, idea-generating person.

I call it the Idea Machine process – which is simply this:

Write 10 ideas.

No matter how hair-brained or crazy.

If you want to build physical muscles every day, you could do 10 pushups or 10 pull-ups every day.

I do that – it only takes a minute to do 10 pushups – then it usually turns into 3 or 4 sets of 30 or so pushups.

Doing this every day keeps my muscles toned and helps me feeling healthier and fitter – in very little time, and hardly any mental effort now – because it’s habit.

The same thing can be done with our mind.

It works the same way.

Instead, just open up the Idea Machine section of your journal and write 10 ideas.

If you were to make it a practice to do this every day – you would greatly expand your mental innovating capacity.

It gets your mind in motion thinking creatively.

Even doing it once per week is helpful…

But with a quick daily habit of writing 10 ideas – you’ll start a powerful machine in your mind that leads to creativity and innovation in abundance.

…And how long does it take to write 10 ideas?

Could be as little as a minute or two.

Why is idea writing valuable?

Ideas are the beginning point of all creation and value.

Nothing happens without there first being an idea.

It may be true that without execution of the idea – an idea is worthless.

But you cannot execute on something that doesn’t exist.

If you want to improve your life in any way – you need to have ideas.

And guess what?

You are connected to an infinite source of amazing and innovative ideas!

But you will only experience those ideas to the degree you tap into them.

The more you practice tapping in, the more natural it will be, and the more they will flow.

In time, you’ll have all sorts of amazing ideas flowing out from the source within you and you’ll probably stand in awe.

– These ideas will help you improve things for your employer – which will improve your own life and give you more opportunity.

– These ideas will help you improve things in your business.

– These ideas will help you improve things in your family and relationships.

Don’t limit yourself to any area – literally write ideas for any and all areas that you want.

When you do this process – a good practice is to start with a topic on the top of a sheet and think of 10 ideas related to that topic.

Like the Creative Writing process – you could pick a topic like “My work”, and then just blast out 10 ideas for improving your work in some way.

Try not to filter the ideas.

Literally just write whatever idea comes to mind first and then the next and the next.

Do the work to come up with at least 10 ideas.

Usually the first few will be easy – and as you get closer to 10 it gets progressively harder…

…That’s when the mental work and strain kicks in.

It’s important to push through the strain…that’s where the growth is.

Just like lifting weights or doing pushups, those final few reps are the hardest – but don’t give up just because it’s hard!

Those final challenging reps are where most of the value comes.

You’re really taxing the mental muscle as you get to the end of that list and this increases your ability to think outside the box.

So that’s the Idea Machine Process just write 10 ideas!

Implementing this process into your writing repertoire has the potential to expand every area of your life.

Over time, as you exercise your idea machine muscle, you’ll see opportunities in work, family, relationships or health that would not have existed otherwise.

Enjoy the process!

Make Today Amazing.