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Create – Day 16 – How to master your fate and be the captain of your soul

Have you started The TAL Vision & Theme Creation Process yet?

I know I have given you a LOT of different potential writing exercises already this month…

…But let me emphasize, you do NOT need to do these each every day.

Just doing one of them per day is awesome!

Do as much writing as you have time and desire for…but don’t feel like you need to be mastering all of these processes immediately.

The two most important to focus on this month are:

1 – The Inner Connection Process, and

2 – The Vision & Theme Creation Process

If you can get yourself into the habit of writing at least a little, from your heart, each and every day

…This will significantly bless your life.

Then, as long as you have your journal set up with the different sections for the various processes…

…You will have a reminder of different areas to explore periodically.

Don’t convince yourself you need to be doing all of these each and every day.

Focus on one or two writing processes per day.

And with the Vision & Theme creation, now would be a good time to start focusing a little time each day to the review of your past year, if you haven’t already.

If you spent time reviewing two months per day – you could be finished with a good review of the past year by the end of this week.

Then you could spend a day or two on section 2 – Reviewing your present state.

Once you have those two sections done – you are all set up to go find an inspiring place to be alone for a day or at least a few hours and think about the future…

…Where you can go through the questions in section 3 of The TAL Vision & Theme Creation Process.

I don’t recommend leaving this process until the end of the month because it can easily feel daunting that way.

Start working away at it a little each day.

Another benefit to start now is that spreading out this work over time gives your mind time to process and build new connections and visions.

Here’s an example of my completed vision and theme document from 2014.

My 2014 Personal Theme, Vision & Affirmations

This was what I came away with after going through the exact processes you will be doing and asking & answering the exact same questions.

As you will see, I added my regular daily affirmations behind my vision.

That way I can easily review both of them together each day.

Why is vision so important?

The Swiss philosopher Henri Frederic Amiel said, “The man who has no inner-life is a slave to his surroundings.”

This is equally applicable to the Inner connection process as it is to the Vision and Theme Creation process.

Without an inner vision you are like a ship without any rudder or sails…

You’re a slave to the winds and waves of the ocean of life.

You’ll be forever tossed about wherever the wind and current want to take you.

With a relationship with your inner self, and a clearly written vision of where your higher inner self wants to go – you become the master of your fate.

No longer a slave to circumstance, you create and dictate the circumstance of your life.

Will you be 100% in control of everything that happens just because you have a vision?

Of course not.

Just because you have a rudder and sails on your ship doesn’t mean you will avoid every storm.

But you will have the clarity of knowing where you are going.

And you will have the confidence to weather every storm…

…All the while knowing that everything is conspiring for your benefit and making you better – even the hard times.

When you are in connection with your inner voice and clear on your visionyou live in confidence and peace despite what circumstances come your way.

This is because you know that you are aligned with with God’s, or your higher self’s, pure & loving desires for you – and that is ultimate peace.


Proverbs 29:18 says it perfectly: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

But with vision, people thrive and conquer!

When you have set backs and the winds of life are driving you off course…

Your vision will be there to get you back on course.

If you are clear on where you are and where you are going – then all you have to do is keep pressing forward every day and eventually you will get there.

Your vision is the compass of clarity.

Your vision is your guiding star.

We’re all sailing the ocean of life – and without a compass or a guiding star – we are lost.

So start today if you haven’t yet – on working through The TAL Vision & Theme Creation Process.

The importance of clarifying your vision for your life cannot be overstated.

Make Today Amazing!