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Day 8 – You are on the path. You’re becoming a Jedi Master.

Welcome to week two of Affirm Your Truth. Great job taking action and sticking with me so far!

Before we press forward on our journey let’s check in with ‘reality’ just for a moment.

If you are a human, which I can assume is the case, you have likely found yourself NOT wanting to repeat your affirmations some mornings and some nights.

I totally get that!

I’ve been there.

But that is when you MOST need to do it!

What I’ve found is that when I don’t feel good, I definitely do not naturally want to repeat a positive belief. It feels hypocritical or false or weird or something along those lines.

When you notice that happen, which it will, that is your cue to get out a pen and some paper and write what you feel.

Be open and honest. Let your true feelings out. Don’t hide from the fact that you don’t feel good.

Ask yourself in writing, “Why do I feel this way?”

It is very therapeutic and beneficial. It will help you see why you don’t feel good.

Then it is time to forgive yourself and everyone else so you can move on and feel better.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself these exact words:

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

Those may very well be the four most powerful sentences ever strung together to release you from negativity and free you to feeling good again.

So if you ever feel bad, just try this:

  1. 1. Write your feelings down.
  1. 2. Look in the mirror and say. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”
  1. 3. Think those same things toward anyone else who you may be feeling negative toward.
  1. 4. Then repeat your affirmations.

That process has helped me many times to get out of a funk, take control of my emotions, and start feeling really good again. Try it out!

Now let’s talk more about…

What is faith and why is it so important?

Here’s another explanation of faith by Napoleon Hill in his wonderful book Outwitting The Devil:

Faith is a state of mind wherein one recognizes and uses the power of positive thought as a medium by which one contacts and draws upon the store of infinite intelligence at will.”

Wha? Huh? Can you repeat that?

OK, sure 🙂

“Faith is a state of mind wherein one recognizes and uses the power of positive thought as a medium by which one contacts and draws upon the store of infinite intelligence at will.”

Clear and definite purpose mixed with belief are the essence of positive thought.

By using that ‘medium’ you put yourself into the state of mind where you can draw upon the store of infinite intelligence at will.

And that store of infinite intelligence is certainly stocked full of power.

Now, here is my favorite definition of Faith. It may be the most commonly known, but perhaps least understood…

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” – Hebrews 11:1, (The New Testament)

Faith is literally the actual substance of the thing you hope for AND the evidence of that thing.

Think about it…if you are clear on what you want, and you believe deeply it is yours, you have faith.

And so the simple act of getting yourself to believe, has actually become the evidence that the thing you do not yet see exists!

Your belief is the evidence that you will have it!


The key then is to keep that belief. The challenge most of us have is we start doubting, and stop believing.

That is why daily affirmations are so vital!

The habit to Affirm Your Truth gradually but firmly establishes deeply held beliefs that become subconscious and automatic.

So how does this help you live a Truly Amazing Life?

You already have a bunch of deeply held beliefs that are subconscious and automatic that are giving you your current experience in life.

What we’re doing now together is upgrading your operating system with new and better subconscious beliefs,…

…Which will make you automatically experience a new and better life.

And even if you’re already pretty positive and happy, wouldn’t you like more happiness, fulfillment, and joy?

Of course you would!

So go forth young padawan!

Do your daily training.

Be diligent.

Do not be slothful because of the simpleness of the way.

You will be a Jedi Master in due time 😉

But don’t be like Luke Skywalker and rush off to fight Darth Vader before you’re ready.

Keep doing this small daily routine with vigilance.

It takes time.

You cannot rush the process…shortcuts simply won’t work.

You are planting seeds. All seeds require a season of growth before fruit can be harvested.

Repeat your affirmations again today with feeling and visualization.

Make today amazing!