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Day 30 – Remember the importance of the 10,000 strikes.

You did It! Congratulations!

By religiously doing your affirmations for 30 days you are now a new person.

Your subconscious beliefs have been altered, whether you feel any different or not.

It is likely that your experience and enjoyment of life has already significantly improved. If not, don’t worry, keep Affirming Your Truth!

If you have been feeling good each time you have done your affirmations, celebrate that! Keep doing it.

Remember the statement we began with 30 days ago?

Repetition while evoking deep emotion is a key to lasting internal change.

Let’s wrap up with a final discussion on the critical importance of repeated focus on the fundamentals.

This is the end of the month, but just the beginning of a wonderful journey of Affirming Your Truth the rest of your life.

The Shao Lin monks who were the originators of Kung Fu and true mental masters were known to say:

“I am not afraid of the 10,000 strikes you have practiced once. I am deathly afraid of the ONE strike you have practiced 10,000 times.

By practicing only the fundamental movements over and over and over, they became so skilled they could often end a confrontation completely with just one punch.

Do you want to become a master at living life?

Focus on the Fundamentals!

And what are the fundamentals of living a Truly Amazing Life?

You have been laser focused on the most fundamental of all the fundamentals for the last 30 days…

Believe that ‘This is a Truly Amazing Life’ and ‘Everything is conspiring for your benefit.’

Because you have taken action with me daily for the last 30 days you have now successfully created one of the most empowering and most fundamental habits ever…

Daily, purposeful, emotional directing of your thoughts.

Each day you increase your ability to believe with this habit to Affirm Your Truth

Now you should go forth and continue this habit and increase your belief each day for the rest of your life.

And what are the other fundamentals of a Truly Amazing Life?

The other 11 pillars:

– Celebrate. Play! Love your life today.

– Enjoy every moment.

– Smile! Appreciate everything.

– Think faithfully.

– Create art. Create the life you want.

– Succeed right now.

– Remember who you are.

– Empower others.

– Give yourself away.

– Grow. Expand your mind.

– Love unconditionally.

Those are the fundamentals.

There are eleven other four-week habit creation systems like this one — each focused on one of those fundamentals.

This is a 12 month series designed to help you improve at living each of the 12 habits of a Truly Amazing Life…one month at a time — all year long.

And when the year is over…we start back at the beginning!

The fundamentals of a Truly Amazing Life will always be the fundamentals — they don’t change.

Wisdom is living like the true mental masters, the Shao Lin monks — constantly focusing on the fundamentals throughout life.

Check the epilogue at the end of this book for links to all of the other training systems in this 12-part series. And now to wrap this month up…

What are your next steps with the Affirm Your Truth habit?

1. Keep writing, affirming, visualizing, and feeling the empowering truths you want your life to be guided by every single day.

2. Each month going forward, choose a few different beliefs to focus on and rotate them in to your key 5 to 10 affirmations short list.

3. Email me at and tell me your experience!

Did this 30-day system positively impact your life?

If so, how?

I want to hear from you. I read and appreciate every response I get regardless of its nature.

I really appreciate hearing experiences of how this has helped you.

But also, did you feel like this system could be improved in any way to be more helpful for you?

If so, how?

Please share your insights with me so I can better serve you and everyone else in the future.

And don’t worry about offending me…I can take it 😉 I really want to know how I can improve to be more helpful…

Thank you for sticking with me and mostly thank you for taking action!

Make Today Amazing!