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Day 3 – Be disciplined…but also be kind to yourself.

How are you doing with the affirmations?

Are you repeating them 3 times per day?

The most common challenge I’ve found is simply remembering to do it throughout the day.

I have my affirmations printed in my 3-ring binder journal that goes with me nearly everywhere.

I also save them in a note in the Evernote app on my phone.

Make sure your affirmations go with you everywhere.

And until you have established the habit, some kind of reminder is essential.

You need to make a fail-proof system because you are not in the habit yet. So…

…Set a reminder!

You can set an alarm on your phone to go off at 3 different times during the day.

Or you can pick something you are already in the habit of doing at 3 different times during the day and use that as the trigger to remind you.

For example, each day you are in the habit of waking up and getting out of bed, right?

Perfect! Use that as your cue to repeat your affirmations.

Just make a decision that the first thing you will do each day when you wake up is repeat your affirmations.

It takes only a minute or so with just 2 or 3 affirmations, including time spent visualizing.

So obviously it’s easy to do.

You just need to use discipline to do it consistently until it becomes habit.

After a while you will do it automatically without conscious thought.

Then it has become habit.

Another easy reminder is lunch and/or dinner. You can just decide that before you eat lunch each day you’ll repeat the affirmations.

Then pick an evening reminder, like brushing your teeth, or laying your head on your pillow, and do it again.

Piggybacking a new habit on top of an existing habit makes it much easier to establish a new habit.

Because in order to establish a habit you’ve got to be consistent

…And you already do your existing habits consistently! So use them to your advantage.

If you find that you’re still forgetting, use an alarm on your phone as a new cue.

If you miss repeating them 3 times in a day don’t worry! You haven’t botched it all up and you don’t need to start over.

Just continue from where you are and figure out a way to be consistent today!

You don’t have to be perfect to form a new habit.

Just keep doing the small, simple thing, and if you forget once, no big deal, just start again right when you remember.

Be disciplined,…

…But also be forgiving and kind to yourself.

Recognize that anything you start new will require effort and practice and you won’t do it perfectly at first.

That being said, habits are not formed through occasional action.

Habits are formed through consistent, repetitive action.

So don’t sell yourself short by thinking that occasionally repeating these affirmations is enough.

Make it automatic and set yourself up to win! Set a reminder!

Be diligent!

This simple daily routine will absolutely transform your life.

You may not notice much change though until after you have become a new person by religiously following the routine for 30 days.

But as you feel good every day repeating the affirmations, that will be an immediate benefit that you experience at least three times per day.

So set your reminders and DO IT.

Your action is imperative.

Focus: Your objective today is simply to repeat the affirmations three times today with feeling and visualization – morning, mid-day, and right before sleep.

Use reminders to ensure your success!

Set multiple alarms on a smart phone and use one of your affirmations as the title of the alarm. That’s one of the best ways people have found success here.

Reminder of the affirmations:

– This is a Truly Amazing Life.

– Everything is conspiring for my benefit.

Make today amazing!