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Day 20 – If you are ‘staying busy’ but feeling lousy, what kind of a life is that?

Do you feel totally in the groove of this habit yet?

Are you getting value and benefit by feeling really good each time you repeat your affirmations?

GOOD! That is the ideal.

It isn’t just future value we’re working on here, though that is one of the perks.

Our primary concern is to feel amazing right now!

That is at the core of living a Truly Amazing Life.

And affirming your truth with heart, you should be feeling really good at least three times each day.

This is training you to pay attention to your feelings and make living in a good feeling state your #1 priority.

Feeling good is extremely important.

If you don’t feel good 2 problems occur:

  1. 1. You don’t feel good 😉
  1. 2. Things don’t tend to work out that great…you experience resistance!

That’s a bad combo!

If you do feel good, that’s a good enough reward in itself. But then as a bonus, everything just seems to flow and work out so much nicer!

Or at least you roll with whatever happens in a peaceful state rather than getting agitated,…

…Which allows you to abide in the faithful state of knowing and actually believing that everything is conspiring for your benefit.

Your first priority before anything else is to feel good.

I never like to work on anything if I’m not feeling good.Usually I just stop what I’m doing, and figure out how to feel better first.It’s often counterproductive to attempt to do things when you don’t feel good.

On the other hand, sometimes just taking action does get you feeling better.

But be careful with this one. It’s really easy to just ‘stay busy’.

But what kind of life is that?

If you are ‘staying busy’ doing stuff while at the same time feeling ‘off’ or ‘frazzled’ or ‘unsettled,’ you’re not living in a state of joy.

Better to stop and address your emotional state!

You will know right away whether the action you are taking invigorates you and makes you feel better or whether it’s just masking an emotional pain or unsettled feeling.

If you feel worse with action, STOP!

Do something to get yourself feeling better.

(And that generally doesn’t mean go and eat something. That is often counterproductive. Ask me how I know.)

Oh…you want ideas? Okay, try on any one of these 3 for starters:

1 – Pull out your journal and write.

2 – Shut off all potential distractions, close your eyes, and breathe in and out slowly for five minutes, letting go of each thought as it passes through your mind.

3 – Get outside and walk or jog around. Drop to the ground and do 50 pushups. Do a bunch of jumping jacks! Whatever works for you! Often the most important thing you can do to feel better is to move your body vigorously.

I do all of those every single day as part of my morning routine — in addition to visioning and affirmations and other things.

It’s all part of nurturing the mind, body, and spirit in order to feel centered, invigorated, connected and in love with my own self. Loving yourself and truly nurturing your body or soul will get you feeling better fast!

BUT BEWARE: The easiest, most natural thing to do when we are feeling bad is to sabotage ourselves.

The body often craves sweet food, or distraction of the mind. Those things do provide some immediate comfort and trick us into thinking we feel better — but usually they just leave us feeling worse!

Whereas doing something truly nurturing for your self has only positive consequences.

So if you feel bad today and find it difficult to feel it repeating your affirmations…

…Take action to get yourself feeling better first! It’s so important.

Then Affirm Your Truth again!

By now at the end of 3 weeks of work, you likely already have a new habit. We’re in the final strengthening phase now.

We’ll take a day of rest from the daily training messages tomorrow. But keep on affirming your truth.

Make today amazing!