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Day 18 – How to choose to be happy.

“The mental vision which you create and firmly hold in consciousness will be actualized if you continually affirm it in your thoughts and if you work diligently and effectively.” – Norman Vincent Peale

So…how do you to turn your vision to reality?

Just two steps…

Step 1: Continually affirm your vision in your thoughts.

Continual, persistent affirmation turns your vision to reality.


We’re doing that.

As the days and months go just continue to add to your vision.

Step 2: Work diligently and effectively.

The key to working diligently and effectively is to get yourself feeling amazing emotionally.

The level of emotion you put into your affirmations will determine the level of energy your beliefs provide you.

This energy will be your source of your power. You need energy first and foremost in order to be capable of working diligently and effectively.

If you try to force yourself to work toward your visions you won’t be able to sustain the effort required.

But each time you evoke positive emotions while thinking on your visions, you receive energy and power from within. It is often surprising how quickly energy can come, seemingly out of nowhere, when you focus your thoughts clearly on what you want, with belief.

This energy is what enables you to work diligently and love it.

Now let’s see what else Norman had to say…

When you get up in the morning, you have two choices — either to be happy or to be unhappy. Just choose to be happy.Norman Vincent Peale

Happiness really is a choice

But how do you ‘just choose to be happy’?

By consciously choosing happy thoughts.

That’s all.

What are happy thoughts?

Thoughts that make you feel happy 😉

More specifically, thinking about what you want and believing you will get it.

If you think about something you want, and you don’t believe you can get it, you feel bad.

Doubt and disbelief are not happy thoughts.

Your disbelief actually means you are thinking of not getting what you want, or the lack of it.

So choosing happy thoughts requires belief…which is the entire point of this 30 day system!

We are strengthening our ‘believing muscles’ through affirming our truth, which increase our belief that we actually can get what we truly want…

…Which at the root for all of us is JOY.

And along those lines, if you believe you won’t get what you want (which feels bad),…

…Then you are actually praying for, and asking for, whatever you don’t want.

Just another reason why believing is so critical.

You do receive whatever you believe.

Your feelings will show you your beliefs…whether you are doubtful or faithful. Good feelings equal belief. Bad feelings equal doubt.

Pay attention to your feelings!

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive them.” – Matthew 21:22

As you continually repeat affirmations of what you want, if you feel bad, that means you don’t believe you can have or be those things.

And you won’t get them or become them living in that state.Not to mention that state of feeling bad is opposite of experiencing joy right now in life.

That’s why it is so critical that you get emotional and feel good.

Your feelings are your indicators of belief.


Persistent affirmation turns your visions to reality.


Happiness is a choice.


…You receive what you believe!

Remember to…

Use your feelings as your guide.

And finally…

…Three times today, get yourself worked up emotionally, feeling good as you repeat and visualize your affirmations.

If for some reason you repeat the affirmations and you don’t feel good, you may want to write the question, “Why don’t I feel good?” in your journal and then dump out your true feelings on paper.

That often opens the flood gates and frees you up to start feeling better.

Make today amazing!