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Day 16 – Does it require belief when you can see and touch it?

Great job sticking with me!

You are well on your way to new powerful thought habits now.

Keep it up! You can do this for 30 days and it will absolutely improve your life.

If you have slipped at all from being vigilant about your affirmations three times per day, don’t start worrying about it.

Just make it your mission again today to do that one simple thing three times.

Don’t think about tomorrow or yesterday…they are completely irrelevant.

Just focus on your next simple action and do it.

Okay, let’s check in with the amazingly influential Abraham Lincoln to kick off our morning right…

“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all; but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.” – Abraham Lincoln

Belief itself is a victory! Think about it…

It’s not easy to believe in the unseen!

It takes work, practice, dedication, discipline, and diligence.

Most people won’t do it.

Fortunately you are not like most people!You wouldn’t have started this program let alone made it this far if you were.

Fulfillment and power come by growing our ‘believing muscles’ throughout our entire lives.

Would you agree, now that you are over two weeks in, that it takes discipline to create a new habit?

Keep being disciplined, you will absolutely love yourself for it. Being master of yourself feels amazing.

The world in which you live is not primarily determined by outward conditions and circumstances but by thoughts that habitually occupy your mind.” – Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking

I absolutely love Norman Vincent Peale.

He is one of the most inspiring people I have ever encountered…I hope I can give him a big hug someday.

He dedicated his life to improving ours.

I highly recommend you read everything he wrote. And it’s so important to let this truth he shared sink in deeply…

…Your world is primarily created by your thought habits!

Certainly we all want to live in a beautiful, abundant, amazing world.

So…just get beautiful, abundant, and amazing thoughts to habitually occupy your mind!!

Pretty simple right?

Just keep on affirming those beautiful, abundant and amazing thoughts! Every day you are strengthening the habit.

And that is how you create for yourself a beautiful world to live in.

Many may think it’s just in our perception…that changing our thoughts about something doesn’t change the thing. But that’s simply not true.

It is true that our thoughts shape our perceptions…

And it’s also true that our perceptions shape our reality, and have a major impact on our circumstances.

Don’t let up now, this is the time to remain diligent!

Hopefully you have found yourself in a good routine by now…it will likely be feeling pretty natural and habitual now in this third week of effort…but don’t take your foot off the pedal yet!

Keep the diligence up all the way through the entire month…you need to make sure you crest the hill so you can enjoy the long ride as the newly created habit pulls you along in amazing ways in the future.

More tomorrow…

…Make today amazing!