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Day 12 – A short personal story on the power of affirmation.

If you have gotten the feeling by now that I’m passionate about re-programming the mind, your feelings are definitely on the right track! 😉

And there’s a reason.

I am consistently amazed and blown away time and time again as I look back at the results in my life that I can directly attribute to systematically changing my thought habits.

Here’s just one striking personal example

In the early days of starting my real estate investment business I needed to secure quite a lot of investment capital in order to buy, renovate, and sell houses. But after over a year I had only come up with about $500,000.

I needed $2 Million or more for my business to survive and thrive.

So on the advice of my insightful mentors, I wrote this affirmation and began repeating it multiple times every single day, visualizing myself living it:

I have over 2 Million dollars of investment capital at my fingertips.

Every day I religiously repeated that and clarified the picture of myself in my mind using that investment capital in my business.

But for nearly two months I struggled. I felt like I kept slamming into brick walls — blocked at every turn…mostly from within my own mind which came up with every excuse in the book for not putting in the work required.

Then my coach pointed out an error in my thinking.

He helped me see that I was afraid of rejection, and that the fear was destroying all my efforts.

In order to overcome the fear he essentially commanded me to go and get 50 people to tell me “NO,” and to not stop until I had accomplished that objective.

“Hmmm…kind of an odd objective,” I thought, since I need people to tell me ‘Yes’ if I’m going ever accomplish the ultimate goal!

But I trusted him, and continued repeating the affirmation and visualizing it. But I also began immediately to require myself to ask at least five people per day to loan me money and get them to tell me “No”.

Well, I failed miserably at my new goal.

I simply couldn’t do it.

The problem was…nearly everyone I asked told me “Yes!”

Within the next 30 days I had over $2 Million in committed funds, and I have never lacked for investment capital since.

I still don’t think I have reached 50 ‘No’s’ eight years later.

What’s the point?

Clear affirmations of what you desire to have or be or do, repeated daily, with feeling and visualization…work for anything and everything.

I would not have taken the proper actions in the right way if I had not been visualizing my desired outcome every single day with feeling.

The constant affirmation produced the energy, resilience, and clarity of purpose required.

In your case, I’m guessing there is likely at least one major thing or attribute that you would love to have, be, or do that has been eluding you.

If you want it badly enough, then do this:

1 – Write a short sentence describing exactly what your life would look like if you had that thing or attribute already.

You’ve got to paint the picture of the end result so you can easily visualize it.

2 – Then add that affirmation to your short list of 5 to 10 affirmations. Visualize and feel it three times minimum every single day.

And don’t stop after just one month if it hasn’t fully transpired. Some big things may take months or even years of focus.

A word of caution: Don’t overwhelm yourself with a huge list of affirmations for your short list. Don’t try to change a bunch of things about your life all at once.

That will likely backfire because it’s too difficult to be consistent when you try to do too much and you may never get the habit.

Be patient.

Keep it simple!

Focus on the few things most important to you.

It’s wonderful to keep a big list of affirmations you repeat once a day…

But keep your most important affirmations to a list of just 5 to 10 so you get in the habit of focusing a lot of energy on them daily.

Have a wonderful day!

Make today amazing. 🙂