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Day 1 – Create the habit of affirming.

I’m so excited you have made the commitment to yourself to go through this 30 day transformation.

What we’re about to go through together are the exact things to do every day that are critical components for living a Truly Amazing Life.

This isn’t just theory.

This is what I and many others practice, and the things I will share with you all contribute largely to why I am thrilled to wake up each morning and why life is an absolute joy.

For the next 30 days we are going to remain laser focused on creating the habit of affirming the truth that…

This Is A Truly Amazing Life


Everything Is Conspiring For Your Benefit

This is by far the most important habit you need to acquire.

It is the basis of positive thinking and a positive attitude.

It will increase your power of faith, which is the biggest source of power anywhere.

Belief is the root of faith.

Be aware that you may start to feel impatient and want to move on to creating other habits as the days progress.

Be patient. There’s no rush.

There will be plenty of time to create other important habits.

And none of them will be as effective if you don’t first install the habit of affirming that everything is conspiring for your benefit.

So stick with me. Focus on building this one habit for an entire 30 days so that it becomes a permanent part of you.

Very soon you will realize you are a completely new and better person.

“By Small And Simple Things Are Great Things Brought To Pass”

It’s so imperative that you remember and live by that principle.

It enables you to be patient, and know that every small, seemingly insignificant thing you do, is actually having a massive impact.

It is so easy to take small actions. But most people don’t do it because they mistakenly convince themselves those small actions don’t make any real difference.


Small things make ALL the difference.

A Truly Amazing Life consists of purposefully living one small moment at a time.

In fact, the only moment that even matters is this one, right now.

Don’t be fooled into thinking small things are insignificant!

This will be simple! But not necessarily easy.

Even though what I’m going to invite you to do is super simple, it will require your absolute diligence for it to be effective.

So don’t be tricked into laziness because of the easiness of the way. The smallest, simplest things in life, produce the biggest effects.

Here’s What To Expect:

Six days per week this month there is a specially designed message prepared that will require 3-5 minutes to read.

In the daily messages I will:

– Invite you to take simple, specific action.

– Remind you in a different way each day of the habit you are building and why it is so important.

– Follow up with you to make sure you are doing the daily actions.

You may feel things get repetitive…that is on purpose!

Repetition while evoking deep emotion is a key to lasting internal change!

So stick with me for the entire 30 days.

Put your heart into applying what I invite you to do. I promise you will be glad you did.

Also, read this message and take the action first thing each day.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by emails or anything else before you have taken the simple action I will invite you to do each day.

If you check your email first thing in the morning you are choosing to focus on other people’s priorities instead of your own.

Don’t Do It!

Remember this…

Distractions are the Destroyers of your Dreams

Focus on your priority first.

Okay, time to take action!

Here is your #1 highest priority for the next 30 days:

Repeat these affirmations at minimum three times each day for 30 days morning, mid-day, and right before sleep:

Affirmation 1: This Is A Truly Amazing Life

Affirmation 2: Everything is Conspiring For My Benefit

That’s It!!

You can absolutely do that!

But remember, don’t be fooled by the simplicity and discount the importance of this priority. By small and simple things, remember?

We will add some affirmations to those as the days progress, but it’s very important not to overcomplicate it.

Quality is much better than quantity.

And what is quality?

We’ll talk about that more tomorrow.

For now just take action!

Write down those two affirmations on a note card or in your phone right now so you will have them everywhere you go.

Repeat the affirmations out loud to yourself at least three times today and first thing tomorrow morning. Then move on to the next message.

The affirmations:

– This is a Truly Amazing Life.

– Everything is conspiring for my benefit.

Take action…and make today amazing!