Nothing Will Stop Me From Living My Life Today

I’m a huge believer in affirming the truth regularly as many of you know. It regularly transforms my life and I know its the same for many of you.

This morning I felt ‘off’ after a night of unrestful sleep. After reviewing my life vision sheet for 2014 I decided that rather than read through my list of affirmations I felt like writing what came to my heart.

It was highly emotional and energizing!

I recommend mixing up your affirmation process sometimes.

Routine is good, but breaking it up sometimes is also good.

The goal is to fill your heart with energizing, live giving truth, however you can do that. The truth will always set you free.

Here was some of mine this morning:

I will conquer today and live!

I know who I am. I know why I’m here. I know where I’m going and I have a great work to do and I will do it with love, compassion, and my whole heart.

I will not waste a moment wallowing in the pity of waking up ‘off’.

I’m here right now.

I’m awake.

I’m alive.

Nothing will stop me from living my life right now.

I’m not waiting until tomorrow. This is my time. Today. This moment my soul needs me to stand up and I will stand up. I will smile and give my heart in focused service.

My circumstances will not stop me.

Lack of sleep will not stop me.

I have power to direct my thoughts and I will direct them.

My past mistakes will not stop me.

What happened one minute ago is done. Unchangebale. And it’s no more a concern of mine.

I forgive myself for all mistakes of the past and I will live fully right now.


Truth. Very freeing.

Do you know who you are? Why you are here? Where you are going?

That stuff doesn’t have to come with a lightning strike or some major epiphany by the way.

At the root its the same for all of us: Love and Joy. That manifests uniquely for each of us though.

For me it comes back to me daily through looking into my eyes and listening to my heart.


Writing is a great way to hear clearly what your heart has to tell you.


Make today amazing!



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