My Christmas gift for you

I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of gratitude lately as I’ve been recording the audio for my upcoming book Appreciate Everything.

And I have been feeling a lot of overwhelming joy as I write the things I’m grateful for each day.

As I wondered what I could do to serve you in some small way — what small Christmas gift I could give you — I got an idea.

For Christmas this year I’m going to give you the gift of a challenge. A simple invitation that you can do in as little as 10 minutes that will bless your life tremendously.

It’s your choice whether you accept the gift of course.

But if you do I know you’ll be better off for it.

Holiday times tend to be emotional times.

So many memories, and nostalgia swirling around the mind as we go through various traditions.

Often the memories are joy-filled.

But sometimes they are painful.

Sometimes fond memories of people or things we no longer have carry sadness or pain — they bring stark contrast to what’s missing — which never feels good.

So my gift to you this holiday season is meant to help alleviate any emotional pain you may have — regardless of its source.

And I am 100% certain it will help.

How can I be so certain?

Because it’s impossible to actually live in a state of sadness or discouragement and a state of gratitude at the same time.

So here’s my challenge for you that will be a gift if you accept it:

Write down 50 things you are grateful for right now.

Be easy about it. Don’t rush. Just get a pen and a piece of paper and start writing, “I”m grateful for _________.”

That’s it.

Give it a shot.

Don’t worry if your feelings don’t improve immediately when you start writing. It can take time. Just do the process and keep writing.

If you do this I know it will bless your life.

It will bring you to a feeling of joy.

I got this tip from my friend Anil Gupta – who wrote Immediate Happiness (I did this podcast interview with him a couple years ago), and it really is incredibly powerful.

Do you want to be filled with a sense of peace, calm, joy, and love?

Write down at least 50 things you’re grateful for.

I’m serious. A full 50 things, or people, or qualities, or feelings. There’s no limit to what you can feel thankful for.

Just keep writing until you get to at least 50 different things written on a piece of paper.

If after you have done that you don’t feel amazing, go back to your list, and write next to each one the word ‘because __________’ and then fill in the blank.

Write down why you are grateful for each item. Describe what makes that specific thing so great.

I truly believe it will be the greatest gift you can receive if you will do this today. And you don’t even need to wait until Christmas! 🙂

I also guarantee you it won’t make your life amazing if you don’t do it.

100% Money Back Guarantee on that 🙂

I hope you accept the gift so you have an even more amazing day today.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


P.S. – Yes, I did say 50. Don’t stop at 47:)

P.P.S. – After you’ve done that, if you want to feel even more grateful and happy, here’s a really inspiring podcast interview from a couple years ago with Michael Sandler who now runs the ‘Inspire Nation’ podcast – this guy is literally grateful for everything and has some incredible stories along those lines…and he’s beaming with happiness because of it. His happiness and gratitude are infectious.

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