Merry Christmas from Costa Rica

Merry Christmas! You may not hear from me that much for a couple weeks.

I’m taking my own advice and spending the free time I have for these last two weeks of the year writing and reflecting on life.

Beyond that?


I’m surfing!



…playing with the fam!


So here’s to a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

(In case you don’t hear from me until then 😉


But before I go, a quick response to Kerry who sent me this note today:

Hi Aaron.

I write to you on this Christmas Day because right now in my life, I am not busy at all. I do not have a partner (which I truly want) and I do not have a family of my own to celebrate with.

On about the 16th day of the 5MMM, I was walked off of my job. It shocked me. I tried to apply what I was learning but I just couldn’t because I was scared. My financial situation is dire and I couldn’t help but react with fear. Ten days later, my own sister told me to move out of her home simply because I couldn’t pay the rent. Again, I was shocked and my body reacted with anxiety and fear. I tried to apply the 5MMM during these times but I just couldn’t.

For the past year, I’ve had what seems to be a run of challenges with my relationships and jobs. I start to think positively and
pray…and I still get more challenges. I do not know how to overcome being pummeled by life. This cycle of negativity started in August 2012 and has not let up since.

At times, things seemed good because I was brought peace by the 5MMM. I believe it is good. Maybe I am too weak to finish it. Having one bad thing happen (walked off my job) I could still hang on believing that it was meant to be. Two things in a row bad happening and I crumbled.


I totally relate to the feeling of getting pummeled by life sometimes!

And Kerry, you’re not alone, we all crumble at a certain point.

That is a good sign that something amazing is coming.

The harder things are, the more amazing potential there is in it all.


Here are some thoughts…

One thing I noticed…you mentioned you don’t know how to overcome being pummeled by life and you mention that ‘bad’ things keep happening.

What if you were to stop placing good/bad value judgments on events?

Are you sure it is ‘bad’ that you got walked off your job?

100% sure of that?


Certainly our minds think of those things as bad automatically…and that’s where the trouble starts.

If we can practice non-judgment of events and just view them as events, we can discharge the current of negativity that we otherwise might place on those events.

It takes practice.

But it’s also simple.

And it all comes back to believing that everything is conspiring for your benefit.


You are at that line of faith being severely tested.

It’s hard for you to believe that EICFYB when “bad” things keep happening.

What if you decided to believe that those were “good” things?

Or just things?

That’s the challenge…I won’t say it’s easy…but it is possible.

That’s where just deciding to believe that and moving forward with faith is so important.


It requires faith because you cannot possibly see right now how all the events that are happening will possibly benefit you.

With practice your faith grows stronger, which gives you more power.

Hope that helps!

And I hope you all have a peaceful, positive day!

Make it amazing!




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