May sound sick and wrong…but it’s true

May sound sick and wrong…but it’s true

It is a privilege and honor to endure great pain.

Let me explain…

Fellow Truly Amazing Lifer asks:

“So, the biggest challenge I currently have in living a truly amazing life is getting through chemotherapy; smiling through physical pain. In reading your book, I read all the pain you went through and I don’t recall you stating your smiling through that physical pain.

Do you feel that it isn’t the “smiling” through the pain, but realizing that you will get through it and that God will make something good come from it in the long run that got you through the dark days? – Micheline”


Quick answer: Yes.

I’d say that is a pretty good way to sum that up


To expound a little:

Living each of the 12 pillars of a Truly Amazing Life in the midst of intense pain proved difficult for me too…not just smiling, but thinking faithfully, and the rest!

Pain is a powerful force to be reckoned with that sometimes seems to have no mercy and can and usually does completely humble us to the dust.

(which is a very valuable gift in fact)

When I was in massive pain recently I cried a lot.

It was challenging to smile much of the time.

Many moments I was overcome with despair, depression and intense negativity, even despite the deeply held knowledge that eventually all the pain would be the catalyst of amazing things.


But sometimes I did find it possible to smile – even in the pain.

And to “laugh in the face of pain.”

There were many moments when I rejoiced and cried tears of joy for the pain itself even during the pain. When I smiled because I felt blessed and privileged to be experiencing such intense pain.

Blessed with glimpses of a future day – THIS day right now in fact.

When the pain would turn to blessing many lives.

When the pain would be the essential factor to massive opportunity and blessings in mine and many others lives.


But in those glimpse moments I did smile.


When you are in massive pain, remind yourself that something amazing is coming.

More than you can possibly fathom.

Be open to that reality.

And the amazing often comes in ways you wouldn’t expect.

It is a privilege to endure great pain.

I know this sounds kind of sick and wrong. I’m not saying we should seek out massive physical pain. Just that it is possible, with the right perspective, to see the absolute beauty, miracle, and wonder of the challenging event, even in the very midst of it.

And personally I feel privileged and honored to have been given the capability of suffering such great pain which put me in a better position to help so many people and which expands my joy daily.

This perspective helps to not fight the moment, but accept it openly.


To sum up the answer?: Yes, take hope in the knowledge of future good. But also, don’t give up on trying to smile RIGHT NOW. It is possible. And it’s an amazing experience when you find yourself laughing in the face of pain.

Keep the reminders of the 12 pillars in front of you…

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Have a great day!


Until then, Make Today Amazing!

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