Limiting belief discovery clarification

Yesterday I sent out an invite to share with me and Nick your answer to two questions so we can record videos specifically tailored to some of you to help you with MASSIVE breakthroughs in your current challenges.

See here for those details and a short video.

Many have sent in responses, and here is a clarification I need to give.

This exercise will benefit you most if you can really get detailed with your answers, in writing, and sharing that with Nick and I.

One person shared this (anonymous to protect the innocent ;):

“My goal is weight loss I think being that I haven’t achieved this goal makes me feel depressed which makes my eating habits even worse. Just a bad cycle. The word that comes to mind is failure”

Here’s my response (expanded here):

“Thanks for sharing!

And what would be the worst thing that could happen if you DID achieve your weight loss goal?

Imagine yourself achieving it. Then think of what is the worst possible thing that could happen then. This uncovers the beliefs that are stopping you from achieving it.

For example, “if I lost XXX weight, my family (or friends) might be jealous of me”

Just really think of what’s going on in your head when you think of accomplishing the goal, there is sure to be some negative result there that you could imagine may happen.

If all you can think of is the positive result, keep thinking!

If you’ve been struggling to achieve this for a while, there is absolutely a reason why you haven’t achieved it yet, and it has to do with your beliefs.

This is how you uncover it.

Now think of feelings of failure. (since that’s the word that came up above when not achieving your goal)

Can you think of experiences in the past where you felt like a failure?

What are they?

Can you go all the way back to childhood and think of those?

The more you can share on this the more likely we can help.”

Hope this helps!

Regardless of what challenge you are facing, whether its related to emotional eating or weight loss or ANY other topic…

…you should do this exercise.

It will help you uncover why you are struggling to achieve any of your goals!

Awareness is the first step…then breakthroughs can happen next.

We want to hear from you!

Go ahead and just reply to this email if you want to participate.

We’re going to record specific response video sessions to help some of you who respond.

The more detailed responses the better…it helps us you and us both in getting to the root.


Make today amazing!



P.S. – Here are the 2 questions to answer to start getting to the root of your limiting beliefs:

  1. If I were to accomplish this goal, what’s the worst thing that could happen?
  2. How does it make me feel when I think about not achieving my goal? The one dominant word that comes up.

Get your answers in by Feb 13 to be considered for the free specifically tailored breakthrough video Nick and I will record for 3 to 5 people.


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